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3 most common weight loss mistakes teenagers and young people

Nowadays, the vast majority of young people drive media disseminated the views and requirements of the male and female beauty, and seeks to meet these requirements. Teenage young body has a different income requirements of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients than adult ..

Young people often choose different methods that are currently the following reasons for their body very inconvenient or even dangerous. We will therefore at some of them and suggest how to lose weight healthily.

Mistake # 1: Hazard resulting in lung disease

Young people often start with cigarettes just because of the belief that smoking will help them lose weight. It is scientifically proven that the effect of weight loss are initially only cigarettes. After some time, the body becomes accustomed to regular doses of nicotine, which until then stimulate metabolic function. The young people and the vision of a slender figure may become addicted smokers who body during development impoverish the necessary minerals, vitamins and undermine your health. Smokers who want the time to get rid of their addiction, often replace cigarettes meal, so get fat again.

Mistake No. 2: Ten pounds per week!

A common weight loss methods today are also very easily available drugs that promise quick and easy weight loss usually to the incredible number of extra pounds in a short time. In combination with a balanced diet and sufficient movement with weight loss may to some extent help. However, there are several risks and side effects. "Slimmer preparations that promise to their users substantial weight reduction without having to change eating habits and lifestyle, burden the liver, can raise blood pressure and cause metabolic disorders or psychological problems," warns Klára Minczinger of company Generica, which focuses on the manufacture of food supplements. "Rather, we recommend investing in such products, which are supported by credible studies," adds Minczinger.

Mistake No. 3: Threat of mental illness

Another of the many mistakes that have been committed by young people, is starvation. The hunger strike is for young people not in itself a very inconvenient due to ongoing physical development, the body needs a steady enough protein, calcium, iron and other substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, during starvation may occur unpleasant feelings of fatigue, nervousness and constant feeling of winter. In most cases, a person loses weight mainly muscle wasting water and after it meets hunger strikes again, often several kilograms of the original weight. The result of this loss can then be stomach problems, irritable body, flushing anxiety and anger and the threat of developing anorexia nervosa.

Three tips on how to facilitate weight loss

Frequent advice on how to lose weight healthily, are mainly dietary changes and increased physical activity. However, we must not forget the psychological well-being and support area. Young people should during weight loss also focus on the replenishment of beneficial substances that they can help with weight loss.

First tip: On the trail of green

One of the substances that we can help with weight loss is green tea. The addition of quenching thirst beneficial to our health and even helps with weight loss. The main positive aspects of green tea include large amounts of vitamins and antioxidants, due to its alkalinity reduces the acidity of the body. The weight loss support us mainly due to the content of substances that help stabilize blood sugar levels and also accelerate our metabolism. Green tea also reduces appetite.

Second tip: chicory against cholesterol

Inulin is a soluble fiber that is extracted from chicory roots and used for example as a sweetener for diabetics. Inulin is recommended for weight loss mainly due to the beneficial function of the digestive system. Improves the digestive microflora and helps lower cholesterol. Inulin also helps absorb nutrients, especially calcium, which contributes to the proper development of bones.

Third tip: Keeping hladinka (sugar)

Chromium is one of the essential trace elements in the body. "Our chrome organism thrives mainly by supporting the absorption of sugars and keeping blood sugar at the optimal level. Weight loss is associated with a beneficial effect of chromium on the metabolism of fats and sugars, and reducing the appetite for sweets. The food we take only a small amount of chromium, so it is necessary to obtain it from dietary supplements, "explains Clare Minczinger." Ideal weight loss supplement is therefore one that will combine the benefits of green tea, inulin and chromium. However, it is always necessary to modify also your lifestyle and eating habits, "says Minczinger.

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