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Trends in cosmetics are going in the natural direction of the chemistry of herbs wins

The trend of the last decade in cosmetics is a return to nature and herbal ingredients. More and more cosmetic companies use extracts from herbs, such as cannabis, which are compared with artificially synthesized substances hypoallergenic and free of possible side effects.

Interest in nature based products in the last few years have increased massively. People often wonder how it is possible to know whether their cosmetics contain chemicals such as silicones, parabens or mineral oil. These can cause clogged pores, skin irritation or allergic reactions. They can also cause increased greasing and hair loss and speculates about them as a possible carcinogen. Cosmetic products therefore appear certificates variety of independent organizations designed to guarantee a certain percentage of natural ingredients.

There is a growing demand for hemp cosmetics

Many cosmetic companies are due to increased demand began to focus on developing products containing herbal sources. An example might be a company Pharma Future, which is known among other things for the production of hemp lubrication. In the words of a representative of the company, Pavel Sedlacek, there is a high demand for hemp cosmetics due mainly to the suitability of such preparations for people with sensitive or problematic skin. At present, preparing to expand its portfolio of hemp shampoo, body milk and shower or tonics. Cosmetics with extracts of cannabis at their core, contains hemp oil which helps moisturize skin and hair for strength, elasticity and shine.

Medicinal herbs not only for tea

The growing interest in herbal therapy and cosmetics evidenced by the experience of the most famous herbalist Czech Jarmila grayling, which produces next tinctures of herbs and buds also baths, oils, tinctures and ointments. In its effort to reorganize the cosmetics industry goes so far that all the herbs that are used, grown in your own garden. "The increase in demand for cosmetics with herbal extracts is apparent. Causes a return to nature is in my opinion more. As one of the most important I see the fact that herbs can help the human body to a more complex, "says Jarmila Podhorná." Is one herb helps to treat multiple health problems, without also had side effects, "says Podhorná.

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