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Singer of the Year Dan Barta: Within a year and a day and a new clip board

Singer of the Year Dan Barta: Within a year and a day and a new clip board Exceeds the boundaries of the genre with remarkable ease, which is also significant for its author's handwriting. With the same nonchalance over a quarter century Czech music scene prozpíval from raw bigbeat through playful funk to contemporary blend of jazz and pop-rock hits crowned intonation perfection.

Dan Barta is one of the most respected and the most significant domestic singers, as evidenced by the number of awards conferred by the Academy of Popular Music. The statuette far last, on the thirteenth Angel, which for him is "such annual applause", won the day after successfully completed the spring leg of the tour Maratonika the same board issued last year. Already, while planning to return to the studio and was not going to leave or concert stage.

"First, gramofonek 'I got in 1994, so it is rounded up to a total of twenty fruitful years. And in those twenty years, thirteen statues. Not that I'd be ulítával, but say: who has it today, "sums
up the hyperbole Barta. He established himself as the frontman of the Pilsen group Alice, but the real turning point in his musical career came up with the role of Judas Iscariot in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Performing it paradoxically made a "superstar" from Jesus' betrayer. Came the beginnings of a legendary and iconic JAR, Die El award-winning project. Eleffant?!, Then followed by engagement in the musical Evita, to all this was added later project Sexy Dancers.

One-off achievement should be his connection with universal musicians in the band Illustratosphere. Eventually, though, made one album with Robert Balzar Trio as Illustratosphere even four plates. The first of them became album of the year 2000 for the last one called him Maratonika Music Academy has chosen singer of the year. "Maratonika is a good board and I am glad that it is now clear to everyone that is well-sung," quips Barta and continues "I'm happy. For me, the band, our ... I'm actually so glad that in itself beautifully traced that I like and because of your "made no secret of his pleasure singer who success" of course celebrated because it is not made ​​of iron. "

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