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Laptops under 10,000 crowns: facts and myths

They are cheaper laptops slow, unreliable and have poor treatment? A long time ago not. Today, you can get regular work for successful takes a lot of equipment to ten thousand.

Manufacturers of laptops over the years, now. In addition, the most famous are in our market today almost nameless Asian brands that are flooding the market to extremely low-cost machine. "Resulting products of these" no name "brands but do not have a long life. However, due to the fact that they are not expensive, the known and established manufacturers discounting their laptops, "says Jana Choroušová of Datart.

Notebook up to 10 000 CZK

What can you expect?
• quiet operation
• Very good connectivity
• enough power for internet and movies
• solid construction and good workmanship

What can I expect?
• play newer 3D games
• Stylish design with slim line design
• expensive IPS screen with excellent image
• exclusive materials such as aluminum

Cheap, but good

Branded laptops are cheap, although plastic, but robust chassis. Processing is decent and very good equipment, such as WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, optical drive, or enough ports.
Where on the other hand saves the display.
"High-quality LCD panel with vivid colors and bright backlight to find on more expensive laptops. Look also no exclusive materials, such as aluminum. It is used to pieces of about twenty thousand. If you want to use the device to play games, you have to pay extra. Notebooks up to ten thousand have just enough power for normal work, "explains Jana Choroušová.

Slower? Nothing

Even the cheapest notebook today can deal with continuous playback of full HD movies and fast loading web pages.
"It's the only newer processors and better integrated graphics card, but the new Windows 8 (or an updated version 8.1). It's very lightweight operating system that burdens the processor to a minimum, so everything is running pretty briskly, "says an expert.

Too noisy? Conversely

It's exactly the opposite. By cheap laptops use processors with basic performance, a very sophisticated operation. Excessive heat rise, cooling fans unnecessarily disturb anyone.
"Cheaper laptops have very often maximum consumption of only 17 watts, while the more powerful (like gaming) processors even 35 watts. So i usually tend to be efficient, so you can find cheap models with a battery life of about 4 hours, it is also useful for occasional travel. But if you travel frequently, preferring to really look for more expensive models, especially ultraboocích that achieve soak 8 hours or more, "says Jana Choroušová.

So you want to create documents, chat with friends, surf the web or watch movies? It can handle even the cheapest notebook.

Author: Sarka Pelcová

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