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Fotopasti in South Bohemia and Austria caught European elk

One of the largest mammals in Europe, Moose, is a common species in the north of the continent. Its occurrence in Central Europe is very rare. Despite this, scientists have been able recently to reaffirm the occurrence of moose on the Czech-Austrian border. He helped them to fotopasti originally installed to monitor lynx.

"Losa, we managed to record twice - in March 2014 on the right bank of Lipno and before that in November 2013 a short distance from Kaplice," says Luke Poledník involved in the project Trans-Lynx. "Fotopasti we installed here in order to confirm the occurrence of lynx. But a photo of the lot, which was a pleasant surprise for us. It is a rare species, its capture fotopastmi is therefore unlikely, "he adds.

I have the same experience Austrian experts also conducting monitoring lynx. Losa caught their fotopasti on the Czech-Austrian border near Lipno in December 2011 and twice in October 2013. "In northern Austria we also experienced intermittent observations elk, sometimes even females with cubs, especially in areas Mühlviertel and Waldviertel. Losi here migrate along traditional migration corridors leading from Southern Bohemia to the Danube, "explains Thomas Engleder of the project Luchsprojekt Österreich Nordwest. Occasionally Los is also reported in the Bavarian Forest on the German side of the border.

According to conservationists, the incidence of elk in the Bohemian Forest and its wider surroundings evidence preserved, pure nature of this area.


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