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Traveling with your dog?

Why not? After all, it's a "friend" of man! But is not this a good friendship too exhibit the tests and consider whether the dog is better to stay at home with someone who knows and with which it is based. This is especially true when planning a hiking holidays too.

However, what when traveling beyond the boundaries forget? The veterinary legislation for non-commercial movements, ie when traveling within the EU, that the dog must be identified with a microchip, which must meet the standards ISO 11784 or 11785; tattoo marking is recognized that it is clearly legible and has been shown to be done before 3 . July 2011, and must be accompanied by a passport!

Must have a valid vaccination against rabies confirmed waist, while vaccination must be the dog has indicated, (dog must be re přeočkovat against rabies, even if it is already in immunity, but is not marked because of a planned trip abroad with new must dooznačit - applicable in this case of rabies vaccination becomes after 21 days.)., United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Finland require 120 to 24 hours before treatment against echinococcosis, ie worming. contains the active substance must be praziquantel, waist must be noted submitted drug manufacturer, the dose of the drug, the date and time of application. The veterinarian must confirm the passport stamp and signature. The dog must not be intended for sale and must be accompanied by its owner.

But beware: In some EU countries have different set requirements concerning certain breeds of dogs. It is necessary to verify this information at the veterinary authorities of the countries concerned, or embassies.

When traveling outside the EU should be to inform the country (health authorities, embassies), that is, ask the public for input conditions with a dog in that country. In the case of re-entry of a dog from outside the EU conditions are different for different countries. These countries outside the EU are reffered to their health situation, ie according to the risk of rabies back into the EU. To return the dog from certain countries is therefore required in addition to rabies vaccination and blood test for antibodies to rabies agents. Inclusion on the list of the countries outside the EU is changing, as well as rabies, as well as other infectious diseases may be introduced in the territory. Therefore, you must always have the latest information and draw on information available on the website of the State Veterinary Administration under "Traveling with dogs."

Even in EU countries there are risks with which to be reckoned in particular in those southern states where the dog could in contact with local dogs to "catch" some exotic, here absent illness or parasites. It should have the dog still "in his power" and not let it move freely.

It is always good to be ahead of the planned journey to consult a veterinary surgeon and also consider vaccination against diseases that are not mandatory, for example, the distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, hepatitis, kennel cough, etc.

Virtually the same applies in the event that someone decided to travel with a cat. Mandatory vaccination is only against rabies, but they can be recommended even if you do not travel anywhere mňoukalka. The recommended vaccination may be mentioned especially cats against feline herpes virus and calicivirosis and cats.

A few practical tips on the way: I think really the most problematic journey itself can be compared with the stay in place. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a toy for the dog, water the bowl during the trip stop, run to offer a drink plan a trip in the evening or morning hours.

And never let a dog in a closed car!!
Due to the greenhouse effect, the capacity of the vehicle will overheat in a short time so that it may endanger the life of the animal. In case of overheating cool paws and lodge drink, reflected water. And that goes for the cat, but the fact that it can be let run only on a leash.

Source: SVS tz
Author: Josef Duben, printing. spokesman SVS

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