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5 practical tips to prevent summer mycosis

Summer we have already around the corner. In addition tanned skin also brings many health risks and one of them is nail mycosis. We bring you 5 practical advice on how ugly and uncomfortable nail fungus avoided.

Flip-flops with you

The swimming pool should always be with you should take in addition to sunscreen also matching shoes, such as sandals or flip flops, you can disinfect before using. First of all, then wear in public showers. Bosi you should not walk in the hotel rooms and if you are prone to mold, do not worry you spare shoes to carry on a visit. Fungal pathogen can hold in areas up to 30 days and benefit from moisture and heat.

Adequate sanitation

For healthy and beautiful legs meticulous hygiene is important. Of course, it should be washed legs least twice a day. Take care when drying your feet, especially between the toes dried thoroughly. Always have a special towel to his feet, which is not shared with other family members. Towels Wash at 80 degrees. Besides towel also note the absolute cleanliness of bathroom and toilet mats, which often keeps germs. You should wash it at least once every ten days.

Prevention is key

"If you suffer from fungal infections of the nail, so it's important precaution to protect your nails special agents. A great example is Excilor, which is ideal for long-term treatment of fungal diseases and patients is very well tolerated. It is also important for cure fungal infection continue for several weeks in treatment as to avoid the recurrence, "says MD. Jiri Sliva, Ph.D. The good thing is you in the shoes on your feet and also give special powders that protect the feet. The feet also occasionally apply Tea Tree Oil, which has a calming effect. Legs helps disinfect and baby powder. Mold Although not a cure, but brings the feet after a day of relief.

Appropriate footwear

In addition, spare shoes in swimming pools in the summer, you have a hot weather devote sufficient care in the selection of shoes in which you all day. "Wear fundamentally open and airy shoes. Indeed fungal pathogens thrive in closed areas and sweating legs provide ideal conditions for fungal infections, "says MD. Jiri Sliva, Ph.D. Of course there should be a foreign nepůjčovat their shoes or boots to anyone nepůjčovat. Risk is also very tight shoes. Boots is also good, at least 2x a week to spray disinfectant spray. The principle should also be worn quality cotton socks. You then wash for at least 60 degrees to liquidate microbes.

Treacherous pedicure

Do you love the beautifully manicured nails? Caution should but should give both a manicure and pedicure, where you can easily get infected. At home, always disinfect all equipment. Stainless steel boil a plastic spray as SEPTONEX or a similar disinfectant. If you go to a salon so you always visit your well tested and if you go for a pedicure, so be sure to take spare shoes with me. People that have hit mycosis should walk only on dry pedicure.

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