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Sixth Kašpárkohraní: music, theater, games. A Nedoklubko ..

Sixth Kašpárkohraní: music, theater, games. A Nedoklubko .. The sixth edition of the biggest family festival Kašpárkohraní sounds Prague Letna Park on Sunday 15th June 12 to 19 hours. This year's "children's party" has partnered with the Association Nedoklubko that helps parents of premature babies. Organizers held a substantive collection, on the site are for premature children choose clothes in sizes 56 and cloth diapers.

The festival Kašpárkohraní first time this year Mandrage band, group Pískomil returns here will introduce its new album, "Be the first person to like it," and singer Ben Cristovao perform with a children's gospel choir. The band Sto animals play time children in particular rhythms of ska, reggae and swing. Novelty in the program is the graffiti exhibition directed by Vladimir 518 and 257 epics

Kašpárkohraní will be presented by actors Sarka Jan Vaculíková and China. Admission to the festival is free.

The theater program offers a trio of clowns Squadra sua with street fire grotesque, street theater Vlkoryb directed puppet master Nori Sawa, puppet theater Kaká, both traditional and modern fairy tales performed Damúza Theatres and mimosa festival grounds passes for Kašpárkohraní characteristic procession of giant puppets.

Like every year, the children will be able to try different sports and physical activities such as soccer with AC Sparta Praha and FK Dukla Praha, boxing in the ring, rowing trainer, Decathlon, softball, archery and bouldering and many other sports, including the so-called contactless like Tchoukball, kin-ball, speedminton or lacros. There will also be a favorite bubble show Václav Strasser, competitions in table tennis balls or visually impaired.

The band Mandrage the small audience enjoyed "Kašpárkohraní inserted itself a lot of fun, there will be lots of children and they are the most rewarding for our audience."

On his coming too little artists, theater, chess players and archaeologists are ready for them specialized workshops. Own literary-creative program for children is also planning Baobab, stalls also offer a plethora of board games.

Kašpárkohraní Festival, which is designed for all children, this association is working with Nedoklubko, which brings together parents of preterm infants, which is increasing every year. Nedoklubko world connects parents in a difficult situation with experts and inform the public about the problems associated with premature births. On the issue of "children in the palm" highlights the exhibition organizers photograph of a child born prematurely equal to disabled depicting small fighters from the first moments in the world, which weighs only need five hundred grams, to the present, thanks to the cutting-edge medical care personnel and parents love their children grew up in which is no different from their full-term peers. "Although the number of premature births in recent years is rising, due to the high level of care decreases the percentage of heavy handicap. Even in the highest risk group of preterm infants is now a high chance of survival and normal development. The vast majority of these children, even those with the smallest weight today survive without lifelong disability, "said the head of the pediatric department of the hospital in Podolí Zbynek Straňák. Festival Kašpárkohraní together with Nedoklubko announced for this year's collection of material for premature babies. Directly to the festival site can be to stand Nedoklubko bring cotton clothing sizes 32-56 (overálky, body, jumpers, etc.) and cloth diapers.
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Within Kašpárkohraní also takes place each year educational program. This year the children will be able to test their knowledge in a quiz and competitions with a military theme under the leadership of the Ministry of Defence, learn the basics of first aid under the supervision of doctors from the Central Military Hospital or the Czech Red Cross, or explore a military ambulance. Competitions for children also prepared by volunteer firefighters from Prague Suchdola and Nebusice. Festival will take place in any weather.

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