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Vlasta Grycová celebrates the anniversary of the new CD: O love

Vlasta Grycová celebrates the anniversary of the new CD: O love Name CD is simple - as well as singing Vlasty Grycová. What could this legend Moravian folklore takes its listeners? Above all, his loving expression. Singing Vlasty Grycová awakens in us the good things that we carry because it is so true and unpretentious. We feel that it comes from the depth of my heart.

The singer Vlasta Grycová among the most popular singers in Moravia and has had a rich career in which he has a place not only performing a famous Hradišťan Jaroslav Stanek, Uherský Olšava dulcimer music, but also long-term cooperation with the Brno Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments, which lasts until today days.

This CD of dulcimer music Vlasty Grycová to be a celebration of the jubilee singers and thanks for the years of common life of a musician. Band was formed in 1995 as a children's Hudečka music instruments of musick. In 2004, folk music released along with Vlasta Grycová, women's and men's choir from the CD under the maple. Now, the band decided at the baptism of this album, adopt a new name dulcimer music Vlasty Grycová.

Significantly to record voices sound female choir Netáta and in five songs. A one of its female members have next Vlasty Grycová his solo party. The three songs will sound and male voices, which share Pavel Popelka, Lubomir Malek, Daniel Bruštík. Recorded in Brod under the supervision of Thomas Komarek.

Samples from the CD here


Vlasta Grycová is a true legend singer; we know her primarily as a distinctive, inimitable interpreter of ballads and love songs Uherský, hradišťských, Kopaničářské and especially straňanských. Professions glass painter inherited musical talent from his mother Elizabeth Končitíková (1913-1999). Publicly began performing as a child in Straňanské file Javorina where it looked out for 1957 Hradišťan of Jaroslav Čech and Stanek; to 1972, began its ongoing cooperation with Uherský Basin. At that time, she recorded the first of a series of images with BROLN Czechoslovak Radio Brno. Consistently cooperated with CM and CM Jaroslav Cech of William Gardener of Moravian Empire. His first solo album Songs of the Moravian-Slovak border recorded for Supraphon in 1985. Her successor in the family musical tradition is the daughter of Annie Přikrylová (violin teacher and bandleader CM Vlasty Grycová) along with their daughters, Veronica PŘIKRYLOVÁ violinist and bassist Helen PŘIKRYLOVÁ- Milano. With their first family music sung by Vlasta Grycová in 2003, his portrait of singer Pod maple - Folk Songs from the side. She guested on recordings CM Olšava (including Bouquet of Uherskobrodska, 1998), starred in the musical programs of Czech television (including film singer from the border, also Zpívánky, nosegay from home). In his native village co-founded the Women's Choir (now Netáta), with whom he sang on the album Under the maple.

Vlasta Grycová is extremely inspiring in several ways: it is still a great memory for song lyrics, and not only on those long ballad; if required, will search for inner hymnal melody appropriate for a particular occasion. Cooperation with the band and other singers is as natural to her as an obvious immediacy when making contact with the audience. A legend is not only living, but also pretty elemental: a generation or two younger singers and musicians Netáty home and host bands have to do keep up with her commitment, perseverance and vitality on stage and beyond. Singing is her natural part of life, an expression of love for people, for life.

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