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Unconventional use of waste? Turn it on furniture, clothing, home accessories and jewelry

Furniture, home decorations, t-shirts or jewelry. Although at first glance it may seem that these things have nothing in common, the opposite is true. All of them are in fact made of different kinds of waste. With just a little skill and plenty of imagination. Waste may not necessarily end at centers or landfills, we can turn it into a number of original products. Now the most interesting will be presented in the following article.

From the old wheels new furniture and home decorations

Bicycling can now be rightly regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport, which is characterized by relatively long life. Like every thing i bike once worn out, and the question arises what to do with him. We keep it in the garage, basement or place it into municipal waste collection point for recycling. Bicycles can be because unlike cars or motorcycles to recycle basic materials relatively easily. The only exception is the most powerful racing bikes with carbon frames, which the original material can not be melted. In addition, however, there are several ways to use the remains of a retired wheel very unusual and efficiently. Some parts of the bicycle can be prepared, for example furniture and various home accessories. Original ornaments can be a table lamp on the front fork wheel chandelier chains on a bike or a coffee table and bar stool from the rim.

The electro-chic jewelry

Most old electrical appliances ends today at municipal waste, at best collecting yards, which is awaiting environmental destruction. However, if electronic waste is placed in the hands of artists and designers may soon change in home decoration or even jewelry. The creators alters or completely reversed the original objects and give them a new meaning. "Buttons of phone booths transforms such as the earrings, PCB cufflinks in a green PCB even in brooches or earrings. While necklaces must arise from computer aluminum radiators, bracelets and rings again from retired buttons and wires of telephone booths, "said Adela Zimáčková of Rema The company, which sponsors the project Trash Made engaged in the manufacture of jewelry, fashion and home accessories made ​​from recycled materials." Although designers try to build on the original structure of the product, which adapted and a new form of jewelry, while letting stand his appearance, "said Zimáčková.

The PET bottles sleeping bag, mat or fleece sweatshirt

With ease of processing plastics are currently elevated above many other materials. In addition, the end of life are able to go through the multiple mechanical recycling, and can be used for energy recovery form even stuffing in sleeping bags, fleece jackets or sweatshirts. However, this is preceded by a long recycling and manufacturing process. After the plastic waste is sorted, each type of material goes into other recycling plants. There are then individually milled and crushed into flakes of varying degrees of coarseness. The material obtained from PET bottles, the so-called "PET flakes" are then wash and get rid of debris. Once the flakes are crushed and washed, heated in a special machine to a temperature of around 200 ° C. Following is a special extrusion nozzles and the emergence of synthetic fiber which is used for insulating fabrics in jackets and sleeping bags. It can be found as part of the carpets or in the form of car interiors. The addition of these fibers are also produced textiles such as T-shirts and fleece sweatshirts. While the production of a fleece jacket is needed thirty recycled bottles, t-shirts simply five.

For IT practitioners device helpers in the household

In addition to furniture, homewares and jewelery can be made from waste products also practical to use every household. A good complement to the kitchen can be, for example, a pocket knife. Because the cladding instead of plastic or wood PCB can also turn into an ordinary knife design issue. Another helper in the home opener can be made of stainless steel, which was once part of the server. Printed circuit board, which originally connected components and transmit data within a computer, can also be the basis for a flash disk with a capacity of up to 8 gigabytes "Some parts of retired IT equipment can be used and not least in the light. The original lamps and can arise from copper wires from transformers or from sources of non-functional computers. Their unusual turn of foil covers of LCD monitors, "said Adela Zimáčková with the fact that each collection is limited to a certain number of pieces, because Trash Made is based on modern technologies, which are constantly changing and inspiring provide new components.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz
To tz Photo: A. Yakovlev

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