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A few tips on holiday in June

A few tips on holiday in June Global trends are clear. People have ceased to fear the financial crisis and began to invest in travel. For example, according to statistics portal specialized residency Discount Slevoté started this year people buy overnight stays ..

Where was this time last year the highest interest on overnight stays with one, this is one of the most popular tours 3-4 days. Statistics also show a growing interest for foreign holidays. Below are some tips on where to go on vacation in June. Starting on a short break before the main holiday season is just a few advantages. Nobody will expect long queues at the entrances to monuments, easier to park your car and avoid congestion on highways.


The June temperature in Rome at around pleasant twenty degrees but can reach up to thirty tropical. The trunk so do not forget to pack along with sandals and summer clothes.

An interesting sight is near Rome, in the town of Genzano di Roma. From Friday, June 20 with a floral festival held there Infiorata. This celebration is accompanied by a Christian feast of Corpus Domini (in translation Solemnity of the Body of the Lord) formation of so-called flower carpets. Carpets always cover the whole street and their preparation by many people. The festival lasts until Monday, June 23, and in addition to flower carpets in the streets, you can also see historical pageants, musical performances and fashion shows.

In addition to state and religious holidays in Rome in June also organize outdoor music festivals throughout the city.


Every lover of lavender scent should at least once in their lives to visit Provence. The June period is ideal for this visit. Lavender fields not yet laden with tourists, but already intensely fragrant flowers and lilac field start. Lavender can admire necessary west of the small village of Gourdon near the town of Grasse. The village of Gourdon is on a high hill and offers breathtaking views of the Cote d'Azur.
If you want to soak up the atmosphere a bit inland Provence, we recommend a trip to the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Sénanque. In the vicinity of the monastery are situated lavender fields, you can also admire the history of the place. The monks live in the monastery especially the cultivation of lavender, but also produce excellent honey. All of their products can be bought on site, and help fund the restoration of the abbey.

However, not only Provence lavender. Visit also known to the police station in the seaside resort of ST. Tropez. "Temperatures in Saint Tropez in June reached a pleasant twenty five degrees to allow swimming in the sea and pleasant walks around the city," invites you to visit Luke Przybylski from the portal Slevoté

At the entrance to the monastery of Notre-Dame de Sénanque forget about bare shoulders and knees, put your preferred t-shirt with sleeves and shorts or skirt to the knees. In June, the monastery is accessible throughout the week except Sunday morning.


If you prefer hiking, choose the ideal time to visit the Tatra National Park being the second half of June. Tater visiting in June to avoid the tourist crowds and enjoy the start of summer term in nature. Walkways are for visitors to the national park open from the 15th of June. The hikes you can now also take your dog. "In the Tatra National Park, until recently enjoyed a limited movement of dogs. Now take your dog with you on a hike, you can, but you have it all the time under control. In areas with the highest level of protection dog must be on a leash and be muzzled, "says Karel Pospíšilík of the portal With the dog and without the need to shake off Kriváň, one of the landmarks of the High Tatras. Kriváň is one of the most famous and popular highlights of the Slovak mountains. The hike can start either in Štrbské ball, or from three small wells. Note however that the second route is a little more difficult. After a day of hiking will certainly come in handy wellness, which currently offers a large majority of the hotels and guest houses in the Tatras.

Tips: Hiking trails are open from 15 June. The tours can take with you and the dog, but keep it under control.

South Bohemia

He does not want you in June even beyond? You have a summer vacation already bought a holiday by the sea and you had to spend a short vacation in the Czech Republic? Like sports and discovering the sights? Domestic ideal destination for you and will be in South Bohemia. You'll stay comfortable in the Czech Republic do not have to worry about any insurance or roaming, and still enjoy a wonderful trip.

For all cyclists are South Bohemia paradise. Visit flat landscape Trebon region where the pedals can hit the ground running and children. Rides around ponds appreciate romance lovers and athletes. "In the surroundings of Trebon find many marked cycle routes. Enjoy the recreational and sporting cyclists. Routes are from twenty to more than seventy miles, "says Karel Pospíšilík. South Bohemia also offer a wide variety of historical and cultural monuments, in June, yet not so crowded with tourists. Expression must be in Cesky Krumlov, a town with a beautiful castle and historic atmosphere. In the castle moat live bears, who are a popular attraction for all visitors of the city. In addition Krumlov, we recommend to visit one of the castles in Telc, Deep nad Vltavou or Trebon.

June has been one of the main monuments of the season. Remember, however, that some objects may be closed on Monday.

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