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Three-quarters of women met the road bullying. Most common are the insults and rude gestures.

With women women drivers associated with many myths. He can not park in the car with paint, do not understand the technical innovations and can not read maps. What's the truth and what Czech women drivers think about their counterparts at the wheel, researched online magazine for women drivers woman in the car. Research on target to refute or confirm certain stereotypes that women with female drivers bind to and find out what women really are behind the wheel.

Questions answered by 351 respondents, and some answers were more than surprising.

The myth of makeup in the car refuted

On the question of whether the women in the car paint, 56% of women responded negatively. 23% of women pulls makeup only when sitting in the passenger seat, 18% even while driving, but only when the car is stationary or waiting in a column, with only 3% of women paint even while driving. It appeared, therefore, that women because of the appearance nehazardují as often as stereotypes claims.

Bullying among men

A positive finding is the fact that three-quarters of women would never sit down in the car with a driver who had just had two beers. On the contrary, quite alarming is the fact that almost three quarters of women on the road encountered bullying by male drivers. The most common cases were verbal insults and rude gestures, "sticking to bumper" unjust and unexpected braking and reopen the. It appears, therefore, that in terms of tolerance, patience and thoughtfulness with Czech drivers still have to learn.

Mother brakes entertainers

The answers showed that even in the car women feel social pressure and seeks to responsibly fulfill the role of mother for example. 16% of women are trying their kids in the car actively entertain, whether telling tales by singing favorite songs or otherwise. More than half of women deserts kids radio, or is trying to seize their favorite toy. A quarter of women hopes to entertain themselves in the car and give the priority to safe driving in front of a bored or dissatisfied child.

Women are not lost

Although the women says that he can not read maps, road map still uses 41% of them, 59% of women in the car uses a GPS navigation. Therefore likely to be a female oriented so bad. Over 40% of women also listens to radio traffic reports and it varies depending on the route of his journey. More than half of the women, however its predetermined path holds, even though some of them follow the traffic information. At least he knows what's on the road ahead.

Women and Technology

GPS navigation has won the hearts of women, but some other technological innovations to prevent women. For example, the cruise control. The three quarters of women not in use, mostly because they do not know how to turn it on. Nevertheless, it shows that women like to be in a car technician for assistance. 62% of respondents would be appreciated in the car park assist, 26% monitor the blind spot and 13% hill hold.

18% of the brakes are not being fully control

With women is often linked to the idea that manage to multitask. This is certainly true in the car, however, takes care of the child, it sends sms messages, smokes, or even depict "only" 18% of women. 66% of respondents reacted to it in the car focus solely on driving. In general, therefore, women in the car rather concentrate on the road than on proving the fact that a good woman can concentrate on several things at once. Why would also prove when it already anyway everyone knows. Even though it should be noted that each and undemanding activities such as smoking, reducing concentration on the driver's operation of the road network and significantly prolongs the reaction time to potential complications.

Women: "Men can only manage a grumble!"
A quarter of the women, however, thinks that men are incapable of a car can only grumble other than driving. The second group of men cheering respondents - up to 43% of them think that the man in the car except for steering handle to do other things, such as taking care of the baby, cursing other drivers, smoke, eat, send SMS messages and the like. The question is, which group is right.

Self-sufficient women
Despite the stereotypes prevent women drivers, when they would car broke down more than a quarter of them would be waiting at the road to stop a passing gallant. It should be noted that today's women have been but for the most part can "help" themselves, and 64% of them would have summoned assistance service. 8% of women would have even tried to fix the fault yourself!

Rock influences the speed
Research has also shown that women who listen to pop music in the car, do not feel any effect of music on driving or speed, while women listening to rock when it accelerates and women who prefer a slower car music, when it manages rozvážněji.

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