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The 4 most important formality in which to think about before you go on vacation with children

Last May, June and the first days are typically the time when you finally choose your summer family vacation. With a confirmed reservation now, we can only look forward to an undisturbed moments spent with children exactly according to our ideas, whether they should be on the beach or in the mountains.

Although we ordered, but we should not completely fail just dreaming about what awaits us. Timely execution of the most important errands formalities and we can enrich not only the holidays, but also the time immediately before it. That is why we do what we should not forget before departure and allow them to enjoy out free days with your family without the stress and bustle.

Check passports, new production may take up to 30 days

The travel document is one of the basic assumptions of trouble-free summer travel. While most European destinations us to prove the identity card is sufficient, while traveling outside Europe after us may also be required pas. It is important to keep in mind that your identity document must also have children. "Before the trip, we should check the validity of our identification documents and, if necessary, apply for a passport for children. For two years is must have for children traveling abroad own passport. If we ask the classic version of the passport, the process may take up to 30 days, "says Michal Tuma of travel agencies Invia, a leader in online sales of tours in the country. If we have less than 30 days, you can apply for rychlopas, which can be done within a period of 15 days or less. S rychlopasem but we have limited access to certain families of popular exotic destinations, such as Egypt. "Rychlopas is valid for only 6 months, the Egyptian side of the required documents valid for at least six months after the intended date of departure from the country," says Tuma.

Schedule reports to properly vaccinating their offspring

Children traveling mostly in the Czech Republic or nearby European countries. Vaccination in these destinations, although it is not obligatory, but some doctors strongly recommended vaccines. Before leaving for the ordinary holiday is therefore advisable to check the date of vaccination against tetanus and possibly leave přiočkovat against hepatitis A. The occurrence of this type of jaundice it is in the countries of southern Europe than in the country. Before traveling to Eastern or Central Europe could then throw injections against tick-borne encephalitis. Important is in addition to the types of vaccines to think about the right timing. The health of our children is not good for filing more than one vaccine at the same time, as well as vaccination immediately before leaving on vacation. In the case of adverse reaction of the body to the fabric by us because they can rush the child on vacation and need to search a foreign doctor cause more problems than good.

Think in advance about the trips and necessary equipment

If you are traveling with children, it is best to leave the issue entirely on my own and unprepared. Even when we go to stay with a delegate, it is advisable to inquire about additional opportunities in our holiday destination. Some very popular and popular tourist attraction because you may need to purchase or reserve tickets in advance, especially if special bus passes or even local transportation. It is good to check also the possibility of enjoyment in the place of residence and to conform travel gear. For example, even in Greece, it is good to take along warm clothing, if necessary, we plan to climb Mount Olympus, the Hungarian spa locations are offering a lot of skating routes that would be a shame not to use with children. Convenient can also inquire about dining options, especially if those who are our children, allergies or specific diets.

Travel insurance can be arranged at the last minute, Do not drive without it

Whatever time you travel with children on the classic walking holiday or planning a light adrenalin, for example in the form of mountain biking and river rafting, it always pays to buy in advance the whole family travel insurance. Especially abroad would be no payment for medical expenses could climb much higher amounts than in the Czech Republic. "An important prerequisite is to collect insurance by holiday. Necessity is, however, also check what all of us to unsuspecting insurance applies. A common part of the basic rate is usually not as insurance accident or baggage, "says Michal Tuma from Invia travel agency that arranges insurance on a voluntary basis as part of the package. In the event that we left this up to the last minute, you can also take out insurance on the Internet and pay by credit card online. Insurance contracts and confirm us to be immediately sent to the e-mail. The amount per day insurance abroad ranges from 8 CZK.

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