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Camping season: what to check, to the joy of camping and no horror

With stable weather and sunny days of camping is now starting a new season. While the operators of fine-tuning the final details of campsites, most people are only looking to the area, which this year becomes the target of their holiday.

For a relaxing experience the outdoors is not necessary to choose not only an interesting place, but also have the equipment, on which you can rely. Properly maintained equipment functional because you will not only protect from the weather. If you stay in the countryside you can save the day cool and prevent premature return to civilization. What to watch out before the first camping equipment and how to prepare for the start of the season?

Without control rather Tropika Do not drive

High quality tents guarantee a comfortable sleep and protection against unstable weather. After repeated use is therefore not necessary to carry out basic maintenance and inspection. "Among the most important features of the tent include a waterproof exterior awnings, called tropiko. Its impermeability is because when frequent use in rainy weather gradually decreases. During sunny days Tropika vice versa harmful UV rays, which have a negative effect on its strength. After several seasons is therefore necessary to impregnate the tent to extend its water resistance and durability, "says Milan Kubaczka of e-shop, which sells sporting equipment. The impregnation definitely do not use conventional products that you normally use to boot. Some impregnation shoes normally have an oil base which could damage the material of the tent. Always choose products designed for tents, which in addition to UV protection and water resistance Tropika also give protection against mold. In addition to the sail at the tent also check the mechanical abrasions and holes on the deck, for which you can have in a makeshift dwelling due to rain after the first flood.

Damaged cables or zippers? There is a collapsed tent and humidity

Before the start of the season also wax paraffin tent zippers. Suffice it to an ordinary candle, which is on the cross strap. Paraffin is gradually moving the slider to rub the zipper teeth and prevent it from seizing. They will also enhance and impermeability to water the zipper. An important feature that you should have before the season in the tent in order, it also stability. "Waterproof and windproof depends on whether the tent is properly built and tensioned. Without turned off walls and corners well anchored inside the tent will be more fully condense, or will he leak. In bad off the stronger the wind also more strain tent poles and cause deformation, "lists Kubaczka. When checking equipment are also always recalculate the number of anchoring and opening a pin missing or bent pins refill. Pay attention to the cables and switch-off and those that are frayed or worn through, you'd better replace it. Also check the status of tent rods - small cracks or missing rod end is may prevent the successful construction of the tent.

Sleeping bags indulge drafts and karimatce inflate test

Checks after winter storage also deserves a sleeping bag and sleeping pad. "Although it is recommended over the winter sleeping bags to unpack and leave them hanging in the closet, most people are still sleeping stored coiled compression package. This, however, destroys their thermal insulation fibers. In the case of storage chambers and cellars in addition to a sleeping bag due to inadequate ventilation and moisture can get mold, "warns Milan Kubaczka. Before the first trip camping sleeping bag therefore always at least two weeks in advance, remove from the packaging and allow it to ventilate. This time interval will provide space for ensuring professional washing a sleeping bag in the event that the sleeping bag is dirty or stale.

Self-inflating mats, you should, like sleeping bags, also kept in the unfolded state as an open valve. With a loose valve is a foam padding best preserves the expansion and collected moisture can go out. Whether you store the mat rolled up or loosely draped, before first use, let it breathe. Before the first night in a tent, inflate it at home too, so see if offering themselves. Any holes seal repair kit, which is a standard part of the equipment to karimatce.

A functional accessories ensure light, warmth and comfort around the campfire

Although it seems that the control equipment before the season kempovacího time consuming, you can do it in a few minutes. In addition to checking the basic equipment you should take the time to revise and accessories. As a guide we have compiled a list of further kempovacího equipment and tips on what control in preparation for the first camping focus.


Pocket folding knife should be lubricated from time to time so as to be easily opened. Pre-season is also a good idea to disinfect blades and make sure that you do not lose the previous use of removable parts (tweezers, toothpick, etc.).

Flashlight, headlamp and other lights

In lighting, make sure that it works. If the light is weak, replace the batteries. If that does not light, do not rely only on replacement batteries for the road. Check also lamp / diode.


Test the stove, or replace the cartridge or refill fuel.

First Aid Kit

Pay attention to the expiration date mainly disinfection, insect repellent, medicines and dressing materials. Do not forget to add a first aid kit in original condition. Add the patches or products that soothes insect bites. These are not staying in the countryside most commonly used.


Lighters prokřesejte, and if you do not burn, add gas or replace the striking stones. U disposable lighters keep in reserve for security and width, as is often the fault.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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