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3 basic advice on how to prepare the camera and camera on vacation

The annual summer holiday season is almost in front of us and an essential part of any traveler should be suitably prepared recording device. To record the best memories is always a need to have a back-up camera or camcorder for a few days of use.

Therefore, we recommend to revive before leaving unused equipment to choose a new battery or furnish often overlooked accessories that serve to adequate protection from adverse influences.

The preparation of the first to begin

If you use the camera with camcorder in exceptional cases, such as vacation or just family trips, so definitely do not underestimate their current status and pay adequate attention to maintenance of all parts. Repeated neglect seeks to irreparable damage to the device. Even the slightest dust can cause clogging components. Any accumulation of dust in areas in which the battery even leads to a limitation of power transmission and cause a short circuit. Furthermore, these devices a risk assessment of improper storage. After withdrawing from long-term custody is therefore carefully wipe with a cloth and allow to fully adjust to room temperature.

At the same time, remember to check whether you are inside left of the original battery, because some of the cheap products after a certain period of time are prone to leakage cells, resulting in damage to the unit. Even the high quality but need to check that they are still able to satisfy your needs. If you already do not remember how many previous months was actively used, so you'll find real life when fully charged and then tested in similar conditions. This is one of the easiest ways for the average user. In case of unsatisfactory results is not currently a big problem to get a battery with up to twice the capacity.

2nd Battery life is the basis

Users around the portable devices frequently require a considerable length of battery life and a camera or camcorder that often applies doubly. You used battery type and capacity easily read off on its label. With the advancement of modern technology are gradually replaced older higher quality. "Li-poly battery with gelled electrolyte spontaneously lose capacity. Higher purchase price has not hampered their wider dissemination, the investment you but soon return. In contrast, Li-ion batteries, primarily harms complete discharge. This results in faster reduction of capacity and extending the charge, "said Radim Tlapak, director of the leading online store batteries

The choice should take into account the number of pieces. For short-term stays of up to ten days is just fine, if you have a spare battery. If you know that you will be traveling on a limited possibility to recharge the batteries, take a rather higher number. At the same time, before you leave do not forget to check information about power networks. Exotic or other remote destinations may support different sockets, voltage or frequency in the network, which usually resolve by purchasing reductions.

3rd Ensure Security

A final important point, given the very possession of the recording equipment, including necessary accessories that during the trip to avoid damage. The basic features include protective cases resistant to water, sand, temperature fluctuations, shock, falls. Fine sand of the beach can scratch the lens surface and the establishment may cause seizure of moving parts. Larger boxes have the advantage of protecting a larger number of accessories, while a mere shell while you save space in the trunk, but does not address the safety of other parts transmitted.

The trip is ideal thoroughly padded cover with thermoregulatory functions. And not only to protect the device but also spare batteries. Now the batteries are susceptible to damage due to impact or high and low temperatures, so it is good to be suitably protected. "Ideal for battery temperature is between 15-20 ° C. Extreme deviation from the temperature range can permanently damage the battery and, at over 60 ° C, there is also the explosion, "said Radim Tlapak.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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