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MilkParade - enjoy specialties

Without milk in the kitchen is not. O how you convince top chefs during foodfestivalu MilkParade organized within the project plus white, which is aimed at promoting milk and dairy products. Festival continues the tradition has carried out two years. This year's dates: from 9 6th-30th 6th

In selected restaurants throughout the Czech Republic to taste special three-course menu based mainly on milk and milk products (cheese, butter, buttermilk, cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.). The chefs unleash their imagination and prepare you for the real delicacies.

"The selection of restaurants, where the festival takes place, it is really colorful. It was important for us to take part in the festival MilkParade companies from all over the country, not only in Prague. Three-course menu will cost you 250, 350 or 550 crowns. It depends on how a given price range restaurant falls, "explains
Jiří Holub for the project plus White, organizer of the festival.

Milk and dairy products? In any kitchen.

Great lover of milk and milk products is also Michal Nicodemus - a first-class restaurant chef Ola Kala, who participated in the festival MilkParade. "Products of milk makes extensive use of all types of cuisine - in cold, warm (eg attachments, sauces, creamy soups) and even desserts. I prefer butter, cream, thick sour cream, thick yogurt and quality fat cheeses. Without milk and milk products, although I can cook, but the taste of cream, butter, cottage cheese never be replace. "Michael Nicodemus, among others, has experience with French cuisine. We could compare what different range and use of dairy products in the country and in France. "Not only in France, but in Western Europe in general, is much broader offer. They have many kinds of butter (salted, herbs, pure) and cream are fatter and tastier. These dairy products - a bold cream and lots of butter - often used for cooking. In France, I met with the cooking of hydrogenated fats, but only with oil, "mentions the chef.

Indian recipe for homemade ion drink

Perhaps in each country cooking uses a product from milk. "In India alone can produce curd at home, they called Paneer. Its production is very simple. Do boiling milk add lemon juice, let sit and drain. This creates a quark, which is loaded and allowed to drain. Whey that remains, Cool, slightly salted and drinking is an excellent ionic natural drink, "acquaints us with Michal Nicodemus local specialty.

How to participate in the festival?

The condition visit restaurants participating in the festival is simple reservation. "The site a candidate chooses the restaurant and follow the instructions to perform a simple book," adds Jiří Holub.

A few selected festival recipes

Quiche Lorraine (Ola kala bistro, Praha)

with bacon, Swiss cheese and onions

Ingredients 1 Corpus (form 25 cm in diameter):
175 g plain flour
100 g soft butter
1 egg
pinch of salt

Ingredients for the filling:
200 g of bacon
160 g of French cheese (such as gruyere)
4 large shallots
sprig of thyme
2 cloves of garlic

200 ml sour cream
200 ml cream 30%
3 eggs
salt, pepper, mace

From raw corpus to prepare a compact dough. Roll out and unload it cake tins.
Finely chop the shallots and fry the diced bacon. Before the end of sautéing put thyme and chopped garlic. Briefly fry.
We got cold mixture to the batter, add the cheese into cubes and pour over the dressing. Bake in a preheated oven at 170-180 ° C for 30 - 35 minutes. Serve warm or cold with lettuce.

Duck breast (Ola kala bistro, Praha)

Ingredients for 4 servings

4 pcs Barbarie duck breast (about 180-200 g)
salt, pepper, olive oil

The skin of the duck breasts to cut the grid, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with chopped rosemary.
Heat the pan, duck breast skin to lay her down, fry until golden brown. We turn to the other side, we'll pull dopéct and put in the oven at 180 ° C for about 6-8 minutes. After baking, let it rest for 10 minutes in a warm place and cut into slices. Serve with potatoes au gratin, thick burgundy sauce and roasted vegetables.

Grilled veal medallions, delicate creamy mushroom sauce, baked potatoes wrapped in bacon (Alexandria - Luhačovice)

For 5 people
750 g veal leg
200 g frozen mushroom
200 ml whipping cream
1 tablespoon olive oil
beef broth
salt, pepper, garlic

Veal medallions abruptly fry on both sides on the grill or in a pan. Do try out best to add fresh mushrooms, pour in the beef broth and refine cream. According taste you can thicken slightly.
We serve with potatoes wrapped in bacon. Their preparation is very simple. Boil peeled potatoes whole, wrapped with bacon and bake.

Homemade strawberry dumplings topped with cheese caress sour cream and butter (Alexandria - Luhačovice)

For 5 people
375 grams of flour
1 egg
175 ml milk
15 g yeast
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
250 grams of strawberries

For garnish:

Do we dish meal flour, salt, egg yolks and yeast, which we made from the milk, yeast and a teaspoon of sugar. If necessary, pour in the milk. Vymícháme dough and let zkynout. We make small balls and fill them with fresh strawberries. After cooking in boiling water, sprinkle the cheese with sugar and drizzle with melted butter.


About the Festival
Festival MilkParade - milk, as it may not know - is part of the White plus, which is a project of the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic and is funded by the European Union and the Czech Republic. I this culinary journey trying to involve milk and milk products in the daily diet or ceremony. Do not worry and enjoy milk, cream, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products in your cooking.

Author: Sarka Pelcová

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