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Tomorrow Forever: The new Czech film is heading to the big screen

Tomorrow Forever: The new Czech film is heading to the big screen Film about our dreams, changes in life that we want to do, but often are afraid of them. The decisions that we begin to realize, but until tomorrow! O the hope that the next morning, everything changes.

Tomorrow Forever is a film about friendship and meetings that can not wait. Film about freedom and desire to travel and knowing that we are where and to whom to return. Film about a boy who wants to live as if everything in life was to start tomorrow. A Forever!

The main hero of the film Tomorrow Forever Petr Kraus lives in the nozzle. His life is one big adrenaline rush. Trade with nebezpečnejma people to fly from continent to continent, giving a blind dates here and there to roll into some trouble, from which you must carve best friend. Sometimes you're in the Money and occasionally someone holds a gun to his forehead. Occasionally you meet strange people. And sometimes the right. But is this the life you want? Peter was not quite sure what he is looking for. He does not want to get rich, does not want to settle down, she wants to change something, he wants ... but what? Because it knows and does not know that it has been actually within reach. And when you know, you may already be too late. Or not?

The main roles of the new Czech film we see Paul Baťka, Vic Kerekes and Filip Blazek.

Petr (Pavel Batěk) returned from China, where did superkšeft. It has a few days off - a chat with best friend Teresa (Vica Kerekes), to party with his best friend Paul (Filip Blazek). It has a couple of girls addresses of Internet dating. But ... Things are always not develop as a person waits. Peter will spend a few days of life. Maybe they show what he wants to change. Tomorrow. Forever.

"I wanted to bring to film a male character to be interesting, because I think that in the Czech films lacking strong male characters. Most are hurt, flaky, stupid or asexual creatures, which'm tired of watching. And the fact that we all want to change your life and have dreams, I find it logical, because I believe that in his heart of hearts we wish it to some extent everyone, "says
director Rudolf Havlik.

Tomorrow is Forever Havlíkovým first feature film endeavor. As a writer could be based on the writer's experience - is a very successful blogger and author of four books. And though the story of the protagonist's storytelling and fiction, the inspiration for starting situation was Rudolf Havlik his work in Asia and experience with the Chinese mentality. Part of the story and part of the filming took place in Hong Kong, which - as the director emphasizes - is incredibly sexy and gives the film a unique atmosphere.

"We tried to do above all entertaining film that does not take all that much really. Make it something to look at. "Says Rudolf Havlik." People are hoping for their own happy ending and I wanted them to put this movie. Everyone has their own dreams and cinema is a place where dreams can and should fulfill. I do not like to pigeonhole. For me tomorrow is forever just a big summer movie. "

The main role of the film Tomorrow Forever chose director Paul Baťka and starring hard to imagine someone else.
"Peter is trying to change his life, but he's completely wrong, because it goes wrong,"
says Pavel Batěk. "Even though him all the way makes sense because the hopes that they will find what he is missing."

And why the director chose Paul Baťka?

"Because I liked. It seems to me like a man. No cartoon. When I go to the movies to romantic movies of the USA, I love it when he shows someone with whom I can spend two hours and I like the guy and do not have to watch uninteresting characters. Batěk is interesting to me, has sex appeal, I can of myself do fun and I think he has charisma, who is here with us prerogative of the few actors. And therefore, because it is funny ... "Havlik said.

The main female role in the film created Tomorrow Forever Vica Kerekes, as Peter's best friend Filip Blazek see, George Lábus in the role of a mafia boss, Michael Kavalčíka alias Ruda from Ostrava, Clara Issová and more.

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