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The Vizovické Trnkobraní play this year and the band Kitts

The Vizovické Trnkobraní play this year and the band Kitts Music festival Vizovické Trnkobraní, which will be held penultimate holiday weekend August 22 to 23 in the area of ​​distillery Rudolf Jelinek in Vizovice near Zlín, announces the complete stellar program. As a surprise this year, the band will play Trnkobraní Kitts.

Who else please návštavníky festival? Stars Czech music scene, such as Tomáš Klus, Three Sisters, Mandrage, Inekafe, Desmod, Aneta Langer, Mig 21, Monkey Business and other bands and artists.

Program again this year complete stand-up performances Comics sro, this time performed by Miloš KNOR and Luke Pavlásek. The accompanying program will also be performances from Járy Cimrmana performed by amateur theater DNO, projections musical comedies, such as Ro (c) k Con ready is also a children's playground. There will also be a traditional contest plum dumpling eating. Festival program on site distillery will take place on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday it will be followed continuously folklore program in the city streets Vizovice.

Music festival program Vizovické Trnkobraní, as will be further holiday such as punk band padlock or Wohnout of Dead, will, as in previous years, taking place on two music stages. Organizers will present and hot music discoveries, such as Adam Mišík or Lenny. In addition, artists will play Airfare, Eddie Stoilow, Michal Horror, Koblížc a relapse. The set will complement the traditional "home" group Fleret and Kosovars, in the late evening chime dance scene with Djs. "Vizovické Trnkobraní is the best plum festival in the world with a long tradition. His audiences deserve only the best of the local music scene, "says Michal Sestak Nedomysleno from the agency that produces the festival." I believe that this has forty-seventh annual celebration of plums and plum successful and will lead to even move a record number eaten plum dumplings, "says Sestak.

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