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Alkaline batteries - expensive does not pay

Alkaline batteries - expensive does not pay The higher price equals higher quality? In the case of AA batteries, this assumption is not in place. Consumer magazine dTest examined life 13 models of disposable alkaline batteries, available in Czech shops. The measurement results showed that the difference in the endurance of the individual models are not nearly as large as the differences in their cost.

Among the alkaline batteries from different manufacturers are significant price differences. For products of renowned brands pay more than 30 crowns apiece, while the purchase price of private label battery strings is up to five times lower, less than 6 crowns apiece. The differences in the prices of the batteries do not correspond to differences in endurance.

"Tests have shown that the performance of individual products, the middle class is not different enough to justify the high cost of some of them. Advertising claims about high battery life leading brands should therefore be treated with caution. The cheapest products in the test outperformed most of the more expensive, "says
Jan Hrouda, editor dTest.

Laboratory measurements of simulated use of batteries in two typical situations. Test medium-high continuous current draw imitating the use of batteries in a toy motor, such as a remote control car. The second test simulated using batteries in flash bulbs, a repeated short, but quite a lot of power. The results showed an interesting comparison, especially with regard to prices rated batteries.

The best of the tested products led expensive model leading manufacturer Varta High Energy that continuous consumption of the test lasted 8 hours and 20 minutes. "But if we take into account the price, it is clear that the winner of the test is not worth spending. Battery private label strings for him not dramatically missed nothing. Overcome most of the products of famous companies, yet they are much cheaper, "says Jan Hrouda. For example, the second ranked model Aerocell from Lidl had lasting 8 hours and 11 minutes, compared with Varta batteries but five times cheaper.
Philips Alkaline Battery Power, in which the test ended in last place, the test showed a fluctuating half power consumption compared to models of private label chains. However it is almost 4 times more.

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