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Milk thistle healthier liver

Inconspicuous plants with a purplish red inflorescence bears a striking resemblance thistle. Unlike him, however, milk thistle is not just a weed, but its extracts help to poisons such as mushrooms. The beneficial effects of herbs may also benefit people suffering from chronic hepatitis C.

Milk thistle grows in Central Europe only as domesticated. If you can cultivate at home, you can at the end of the summer harvest fruits and pummel is used to prepare tea. It is located in fruits all active substances. The main one is called silymarin. To protect the liver importantly silibinin component. The dried fruits are, however, very difficult to leach into the water, and therefore are more likely to use the medicine from pharmacies. These include the exact amount of the active ingredient.

Rescue mushroom pickers

Silibinin is currently invaluable for the treatment of poisoning agaric. This at first glance does not look dangerous and also tastes great. For some mushroom pickers, however, became their last culinary experience. The first symptoms of poisoning picked up about 12 hours after ingestion of mushrooms and include: abdominal cramps, vomiting, diarrhea.

Later there is a fatal liver and kidney failure. Jed A. phalloides amatoxin is blocking the production of proteins in cells, thereby leading to their demise. Therefore, as soon as possible after ingestion is applied silibinin, which stimulates regeneration of damaged liver cells.

Also effective for hepatitis

People suffering from chronic hepatitis with little exaggeration, also experienced poisoning, but very slow, leading to the formation of liver cirrhosis. The combination of viral infection and immune defenses leads to the damage of liver cells. It seems that in this case the silibinin successfully hit.
It helps with the recovery of the enzyme RNA polymerase, which is extremely important liver cell. Thanks to him, it creates all the proteins necessary for cell survival.
Currently underway, new research examining the relationship silibinin and chronic hepatitis C.
According to preliminary results, silibinin will probably also prevent virus entry into cells, suppress inflammatory processes in the liver and accelerate their recovery.

One thing is already clear. People suffering from liver disease may result from regular ingestion of silibinin only benefit. This natural substance has no serious side effects, and can only benefit. It's up to you whether you at home in a pot grow their own milk thistle, silibinin or you buy at the pharmacy.

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