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Five steps to more durable immunity

If you suffer from repeated colds, you might know a solution. From stronger immunity: they're only five steps that work.

Each body protects against disease immune system . Its activity is to some extent influenced by heredity, which will not change. However, ways to enhance the immune system, we can help ourselves, certainly there. The following five tips will tell you how you can work the immune system positively influenced.

1st Movement: Be active a few times a week

Studies show that sports minded people are less prone to infections than those sports. Regular light training enhances the activity of certain immune cells and particularly endurance activities reduce the risk of winter cold . If you want to benefit your defense system, move three to five times a week. Select an endurance sport such as walking, Nordic walking or riding a bike or treadmill. But it is important not to overload the. Intensive training and wacky immunity is diminished.

2nd Sleep: nap Recovery

Those of us who have a little more time or trouble sleeping, are more susceptible to infections. Sleep
clearly influences the immune system. His cell is governed by day (and night) rhythms and night work effectively. Quality rest, therefore, supports the immune system and may to some extent protect against infections. On average, it should take sleep seven to eight hours, but this need is individual. Important is also the correct rotation of each sleep phase.

3rd Nutrition: Eat a balanced diet

Balanced and varied food is not only important for overall health, but also for the immune system. The diet should contain enough protein, which is found in meat, dairy products, legumes and eggs. Are also important micronutrients - vitamins and minerals. The basic element needed for the functioning of the immune system is zinc, which we take with food such as meat, milk and cheese, an important role is also played by selenium. Vitamins C, A and E again and provide antioxidant protection against free radicals.

4th Hardening: sauna for the well-being of body and soul

During the sauna greatly warmed surface of the body, expand the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the skin. Slightly grow and core body temperature. The body responds by increasing perspiration. If after sauna cooling off in the pool or in the cold air, blood vessels become narrower and the temperature returns to normal. These effects while posing for body stress, long a sauna but very good training our defenses. The organism can then better able to cope with temperature fluctuations. It has been shown that people who regularly visit the sauna, suffer fewer colds.

5th Intestinal microflora: the hidden key to health

In the wall of the small and large intestine is lymphatic tissue that is their activities "connected" to our defense system. The colonization of the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria is then important not only for protection against dangerous microbes for the intestines. Intestinal microflora affects the immune system throughout the body and also contributes to an effective immune response against various viruses.

At present, although scientists can not definitively say to what extent the above recommendations affect the immune system and what has not changed. Some studies have suggested that this action has on the body's defenses positive influence. If you are being treated with a chronic illness or weakened your defense system, check with your doctor, whether the Board suitable for you.

Source: U Lékař

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