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New recreational drugs: danger of escaping from the law

At first glance, innocent face, but appearances can be deceiving. They are after by discos and clubs, the enemy of the law. They can cause serious injury to a strong relationship. The so-called legal highs or new recreational drug slowly but surely catching up to their clutches, many young people around the world.

Leaking laws

Recreational drugs in recent years become increasingly popular among generations of young people. Approximately 40% of visitors dance clubs effects of these new narcotics tried. Unlike ecstasy, methamphetamine, heroin or lure that are legal. However, in this case, the legality does not ensure safety and wholesomeness. Brightly colored containers in which drugs are often sold and offer a huge threat.

The phenomenon of our times

Legal highs, club drugs or new recreational drugs are a class of new compounds prepared using simple chemical reactions.
They are produced mainly in Southeast Asia and in China, where it then distributes to Europe and the United States of America.
Their production is very simple, usually only need a few basic chemical reactions. Composition resembles classical, prohibited drugs.
This translates into approximately every 2-3 months a new drug, which, thanks to its unique composition defies the laws on narcotics. Legislators then takes some time before a new substance appears to prove its hazards and include it on the list of banned substances.
Meanwhile, these substances may with impunity sell over the Internet and then import into dance clubs to their users.
The situation is very serious, just the last five years, a minimum of 348 new "legal" drugs!

Enjoyment at your own risk

The unsuspecting clubbers are so at great risk. Legal highs may end up visiting the hospital or involuntary emergence of a powerful addiction. In addition, you never know what drug it contains.
If you are recreational drugs combined with other drugs or alcohol, you can cause serious damage to health that can lead to death.
The most common side effects include complete loss of inhibitions, drowsiness, hallucinations and excitation to coma and convulsions.
The effects of new drugs, however, are highly unpredictable. Packaging often contains a mixture of several substances, which can be mixed and illegal drugs.

New recreational drugs is slowly creeping into the Czech Republic. At present, it is even sells several Czech web shops that are disguised as bath salts, grass mixtures, or fertilizers. Their use, however, is a human health hazard that can lead to the development of drug addiction .

Source: Substitution léč

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