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Helena Trestikova continues long term observations

Helena Trestikova continues long term observations Up and down - typical fate of the heroes of the pictures Helena director. Documentary filmmaker, who in June celebrates sixty-fifth birthday and is working on a new film showing the phenomenon of drug addiction from an unconventional perspective ..

"We are currently preparing another term project that should be completed next year. Her name is Mallory - on the road and is about a woman who was dependent addict and after childbirth longer do drugs. Her life is complicated enough and shows the phenomenon of addiction from a different perspective. I think it's a very dramatic story, "says Helena Trestikova that for his film career, has recorded dozens of documents.

And her latest film Vojta Bench: Up and down will be one of a series of images, which Czech Television in June reminds her birthday. In addition to the premiere of the film mapping the ups and downs of Roma musician, activist and journalist Vojty benches, refer viewers to the formation of a person documentary also organize at the swimming pool, the premiere of the documentary Living with Kaspar and time-lapse film René.

"Rene was the first project where I decided to watch the next hero of the completed film. The first image of him we were doing four years and ended by René apartment robbed our family. That was a very unusual act, and I thought that it was interesting and offbeat personality and worth watching him on. Then it was altogether twenty years. Renee I kept in touch and we shoot the sequel to his life, "says Helena Trestikova document, which won the European Film Academy.

Czech Television will premiere not only the latest slide up and down, but also document the last year of life with Kaspar mapping the fate of one of the most prominent contemporary Czech theater, James blocks. "On television, the film will be screened in the new version. Since its theatrical release in Jacob's life occurred an important change, and that we had to capture, "suggests documentary.



Saturday, the 21st 6th, art CT, 20:20
Purely documentary film tells the raw authenticity hardly believable story of René, who was from seventeen film camera on its way between prisons and short stays in the community. Camera him in 2008, leaving in his thirty-seven years, exactly twenty years later, as a sick man who still gets in trouble with the law, written and published two books. Time changes from youth to manhood recorded director Helena Třeštíková the backdrop of significant political changes in Central Europe.

René's story begins in prison under socialist posters, called Velvet Revolution and receives the apparent point of amnesty by President Václav Havel. René soon returned to prison, so he joined the European Union as a prisoner again. During the years spent behind bars, mainly for theft tattooed all over the body, escaped from prison and was again caught, published two novels, robbed the apartment Trestikova director, spent two love stories, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as well as a high intelligence . His view of the world demonstrates the neck René English by flashing a tattoo "Fuck of people."

The swimming pool attended by the director - on Saturday 21 6th, art CT, 21:45
Interview Marek Eben in 2002.

Living with Kaspar

Sunday, the 22nd 6th, CT2, 20:00
"Twenty-five years of great, moving and dramatic aspirations theater artist James blocks. Spin with him we started in October 1989 and a month later became one of the student leaders of the Velvet Revolution - such an unexpected turn brings time-lapse filming, "explains
Helena director.

In November 1989, as a student rebelled for freedom, now in his forties who has had a life twists and turns, wins and disappointments. What gave him life and married? A documentary about one of the most prominent contemporary Czech theater, James Spalko - spiritual father, founder, actor and director Kaspar theater group. Film about finding the balance between freedom, responsibility for others and artistic principles. The film, which Helena Trestikova filmed in November 1989 and which captured almost all the controversial moments of a life when Jakub Špalek changes from enthusiastic demonstrator in November tired we may have no illusions, but still with the drug on behalf of the theater in his veins.

Vojta Bench: Up and down

Sunday, the 29th of the 6th, CT2, 20:00
"Vojta Bench was born Rom and to determine the main theme of his life. Unlike many people who freely choose their topic, Vojta was actually intended. And on with it bravely and sometimes dramatically equalized, but never resign. It fascinates me to it, "says Helena director.

The film captures the ups and downs of Roma musician, activist and journalist Vojty benches. Vojta is a pioneer of Roma broadcast on television and radio, advocates Roma rights, and as a violinist famous by performing in a band

Source: tz CT

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