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Zora Janda helps children discover the magic reading

Zora Janda helps children discover the magic reading The singer, presenter and now editor in chief of Radio Junior, Zora Janda prefers books in front of the tablet. Recently, works mainly with children, and they just explains the benefits of books and try to to reading, learning and development lead fantasy fun. That helps her a new project Magical reading as a patroness.

Magical reading is interactive project that combines the poetry books, and entertainment in the form of a talking pen. Just talking pens for kids friend and companion that makes communicating with the book. The book starts to tell them the tale, featuring animals or geographical points and landmarks. A tale mainly so they can "read" the children of preschool age.

"Project Magic reading approached me mainly because the kids coming back to the books. It is the perfect step between the tablet and the book. Interactive is the only pen that communicates with a child, everything else is based on a book that develops a child's imagination and creativity, "says
Zora Janda.

The fact that the magic of reading to children really tempting and fun to ascertain and Jana Adamcová, whose daughter Jasmine was one of the first opportunity to try out a book of this edition.

Just exploring, discovering information and the fact that books with children literally grow are the main positive aspect of the project. A child can start with fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel, then continue with the animal world, or a world atlas.

Zora Janda, in addition to being a patron of the project, narrated and all female voices, and even the voice of the fairy tale Hansel in Hansel and Gretel. Magic also read by actors Josef Somr and Otakar Brousek ml.

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