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're Going to build a garage? Do not underestimate the preparation of a high quality material

're Going to build a garage? Do not underestimate the preparation of a high quality material Clarify what type of garage is the right or choose the right construction materials and processes. Not only are fundamental decisions that should precede any construction of the garage and should therefore not be underestimated. Early planning and thorough preparation because we can save not only money but also time and hassle.

In the past, it was common to place a garage below ground level in basements of houses. Although at first glance this is a perfect solution, it has a pair of hooks. Previously, built with totally different cost than currently building a basement did not constitute a major increase in house prices. "Today, this is not a basement has a large impact on the final price of the object. Increases by an estimated 10-15%, "said Marketing Manager at Lomax Lubomir Valenta." In addition, in the basement garage is unheated, which usually suffers from residents in the living room above it. If you want to choose such a solution, we must first think about thorough insulation of the ceiling, "said Valenta.

Decide what type of garage is the right

When planning the construction of the garage and during its construction, we should consult experts. Architects us based on their experience, for example, advice on choosing a garage as part of the house or freestanding building. When building a new house can be generally recommended location of the garage as part of the overall plan. This reduces the demands on the material and built-up area. The advantage is that the car or things stored in the garage we get the so-called dry feet. If you opt for a detached garage, choose a place that you do not have to allocate one-third of the garden only for the purpose of a long driveway. A common argument for building a garage standing alone on the land is also fear of possible leakage of volatiles from the car. Today's construction law, in relation to the regulation issued for the construction of ventilation grids so as to eliminate the maximum penetration of vapor into the living area.

Choose the right material: concrete, brick, wood, sheet metal ...?

In terms of the material used palette opens many possibilities. One of them may be a garage brick made of conventional bricks or aerated. The second option is the garage of precast concrete and cast skeleton. Finally, there are also garage wooden or metal. These garages are often sold as a system of components that can be easily assembled on site. Before the construction, it is necessary to create a foundation or at least lay concrete strip on which the garage state. Basis represent metal garage prices around 10,000 crowns. By paying a supplement, you can get or build a garage with insulation. The choice of material and design solutions usually determines what insulation properties of the object will have, which may affect the use of other options. If you choose a light wooden structure, you can resign from the use of the garage as a year-round workshops. In doing so, workshop or service space within the garage are very practical. Garage can i build a timber house insulated sandwich panels such as OSB boards or polystyrene. With proper design of a heat source, such materials can additionally provide year-round use for purposes other than garaging.

Do not underestimate quality garage doors

The ideal solution can be brick or concrete garages which provide year-round dry and usable space. Their other advantage is the possibility of placing quality returns that object is not closed and protect, but also provide a comfortable thermal insulation properties. Although the market there are several types of garage doors, most often used are sectional garage doors. These are composed of sections that using the torsion springs are passing on the guide rails on the ceiling. Door sections are additionally equipped with safety locks, so when opening or closing the door there is no risk of injury. Do sectional doors can also bet vistas or door so you do not have to always open the door all. Sliding doors are more suitable in areas that do not allow insertion of the door on the ceiling. "Advantage of these doors is that they require a minimum height headroom for installation and also offers easy passage of persons already in the partial opening," explained the company Lubomir Valenta Lomax. " Where the maximum emphasis on the use of space, can accommodate roll-up door. It can be installed without additional structural modifications to already existing, refurbished or new garage, "Valenta said.

The introduction of electricity is worth

Light garages do not require a special connection to utilities. Almost always, however, fits at least have electricity sockets and light. Divorce, wiring and testing the new electrical system by an expert or electricians. Masonry or concrete garages can also be connected to the sewage system or water supply. Count should also be ventilated garage space and a system of heating or air conditioning. Unheated garage must be ventilated holes that should be placed on the ceiling and floor, ideally located in the wall opposite the garage door. Only in a climate-controlled heated garage can be ventilated by means of air conditioning. When building garages often come into contact with the authorities. In relation to the total built-up area will administer the construction of the so-called spatial mode consent, notification or approval, when you need a decision on the location of the construction and building permits. If you want more familiar with the requirements for garages, Study the relevant technical standard ČSN 73 6058 Individual, multiple and collective garages.

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