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Going away for summer vacation? Great list for the driver plus the truth about mandatory equipment a

Holiday season is just beginning, and many people are already preparing their cars for trips outside the Czech Republic. The journey by car is still one of the popular variants such as transport to Croatia or Italy.

Before the start of the expedition, it is necessary to carry out several detailed inspections, not only at the technical condition of the vehicle. Equally important is the control of documents, formalities and transportation regulations. Missing documents or problems with mandatory equipment in a foreign country because they can leave unpleasant such as paying fines or unexpected stay at the police station.

Passport and driving license to travel abroad not enough

The basic prerequisite for a smooth journey by car abroad are valid and complete documents. In addition to a valid passport or identity card motorists automatically přibalují to the set of documents and driving license and a small registration. Abroad, it is necessary to take further evidence. When traveling abroad, it is necessary to remember, for example, to confirm the validity of the liability, which is known as a green card. It is an integral part of the documents that ask you to police at the roadside or accident abroad may require. "For green card with you always take the original and duplicate. In the event of an accident because police original green card driver is removed. If you vehicle continued on without duplicate green card, threatened by you unnecessarily fine, "says Roman Sznapka, product manager at Triglav Insurance Company.

The rental car or higher driver age? Include additional confirmation

Drivers over 60 years old should have on hand also proof of fitness. Documents addition you must prepare motorists who leave nevyrážejí own car. "If you go on vacation in a rental car and not in the technical certificate is listed as the owner, do not forget to pack your documents and statements of the owner or operator of a vehicle that agrees with this way. Consent of travel is often required, for example in Poland, "says Roman Sznapka. A similar procedure applies even travel abroad with a service vehicle, in which you should carry a certificate from the operator that you loaned the vehicle to the road. Confirmation for company cars must also be translated into a foreign language and have a notarial authentication.

Contact List and prepared forms simplify tackle unexpected situations

Part of the document folder of the driver should be a list of phone numbers for rescue teams in the country you are going on vacation. Quick contact the police, paramedics or firefighters keep written on paper and stored in the mobile phone. An important contact a helping hand in case of trouble on the road for you can be a helpdesk. Assistance services are part of the compulsory insurance and accident insurance and help you solve accidents and car repairs. To your preparation for the journey is complete, be sure to also form a European record of the accident and a set of pens.

According to international conventions mandatory equipment do not have to deal with in practice, however, you can be fined

Although the Vienna Convention, which was signed by most European countries indicates that mandatory equipment should conform to the requirements of the state where the vehicle was registered, the practice is unfortunately different. For vehicles with Czech compulsory equipment so you do not have at the roadside abroad succeed. "All drivers we recommend that you become familiar with mandatory equipment the destination country and, if possible, the requirements for mandatory equipment respected. The invocation of the Vienna Convention is possible, but even if the local police or court acknowledged that the traveler is in the right, which is not very likely, it means that at least a considerable loss of time, "adds the issue of Václav tip, Head of Road Safety from the motor club Czech Republic. Some countries also have compulsory equipment components embedded directly in the traffic rules of the country and not in the provisions on mandatory equipment. Rules of the road but are mandatory for all drivers, regardless of place of registration of the car.

Buy mandatory equipment abroad, or risk the road that you check mine?

Requirements for mandatory equipment in abroad are diverse. In Bulgaria should be fitted fire extinguisher, Spain by drivers with corrective glasses should be mandatory in the car spare frames. Some countries require a car two warning triangles in the former Yugoslavia is a specialty equipment and tow rope. Investment mandatory equipment for a holiday is still worthwhile. "Fines for incomplete mandatory equipment are in the tens to hundreds of euros. The accidents and fines incurred due to incomplete mandatory equipment are not covered by insurance, and no insurance company therefore similar to the insured event does financial performance, "d oplňuje Roman Sznapka of Triglav.

Be sure to read the traffic rules and vehicle mark MPZ

Each European country has different traffic laws whose violation can come in fines driver pretty expensive. Before traveling abroad is so good to know the basic rules and regulations of the country. Every driver should be especially interested in the speed limit in the village, outside and on the highway. It is important to take into account the rules of lighting during the day or special regulations governing the transportation of children and pets in the car. If Hitting the holidays outside the European Union, you also have an obligation to mark your international car registration mark (MPZ). MPZ all States shall be composed of one to four letters and placed most commonly at the rear of the car near the license plate. Czech MPZ may take the form of metal tags or stickers and graphically represented together CZ black letters on a white oval background. In the EU, the presence of MPZ to enforce a vehicle usually sufficient when the national registration number of the blue stripe with the letters EU. In countries outside the EU, however, the police could, in the absence of ILC successfully demand payment of fines.


List of documents for drivers traveling abroad

A valid driver's license and driver's travel documents of all members of the vehicle crew
A valid MOT certificate + applicable technical and emissions
Proof of payment of a liability insurance (original and duplicate Green Card)
Proof (coupon) payment of vignettes (if you have one)
Proof of medical fitness for drivers over 60 years
When using a company vehicle when traveling abroad - confirmation from the operator of the car that you borrowed vehicle
If you are not in the certificate, as the owner of the car - the vehicle owner's statement that, in this way agrees
The distinguishing mark (when traveling outside the EU)

List of contacts and forms an unexpected situation

Phone numbers for local emergency forces (police, doctors, firemen)
Phone numbers for the assistance service
The accident record form

What traffic regulations before traveling to know
Mandatory equipment
Permitted speed limits
Rules transporting children and pets in the car
The provisions relating to lighting
Permissible limits for blood alcohol levels

Source: tz, Lesenský.cz

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