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Changed operator will fare? Defend yourself!

Tariff change is an integral and completely natural part of the life of every cell phone user. In one period, for example, because people prefer typing SMS, the others are more demanding. For each behavior, the logical fit billing with other priorities.

To change the tariff, however, in addition to actual customers accessing their operators, and without a change in advance and told her to hold consultations with the user. Been made ​​to change is often at inconvenient for the customer ..

How then can people prevent the situation where an operator decides to change or termination of the tariff? Has something like this ever right?

Note 1: Tariff is not eternal

Many customers has not selected the best mobile tariff that suits them the price and conditions set, and logically therefore does not consider the change. Then, however, such as via SMS helpline or contact their operator and announces the end of their current tariff and change it to another. The new offer can have an entirely different parameters and price than what the customer was not. Often up until this moment, the user finds that the operator in the contract left the back door for a possible amendment or termination of their offerings. "Trying to at the moment to force the operator to preserve original menus unfortunately does not make sense. The law is the tariff change at any time and reason to have no obligation whatsoever to state. In the case of a provider need only preserved in accordance with its terms and does not violate the text of the original contract, which concluded with the user, "says Pavel Negro, executive Tarifomat independent company that has helped with finding a suitable tariff for more than 100,000 Czechs.

Note 2: Defend yourself, but in time!

Customers can thus forcing the operator to maintain the current rate, if he decides to terminate or change. The good news is that no operator would have no way to force users to make a new offer for its nod. In this case, because it is a unilateral change of the original contract. The other side, a customer has thus the right to respond to the situation by simply withdrawing from the contract without any financial penalties or sanctions. However, the condition is that they must leave to catch the deadline, which is usually one month from the date of receipt of the information about the change. In this period, the customer must notify your carrier that wishes to withdraw from the contract. Make it may either in person at a branch or by calling the helpline.

Note 3: Do not settle for notification infoline

A common complication in cases similar changes unsolicited communication between the provider and the consumer of telecommunications services. In particular, in the past it was often cases where the operator claimed that the customer of the change or termination tariff informed, but he still knew nothing. However, the law in this case speaks very clearly. "Customer must be for such a significant change as an adjustment to the contract and the account being definitely is informed in a clear and verifiable manner. Thus, the same form as he sends his monthly bill, "says Pavel Negro.

Note 4: Unsolicited changes, declining

The good news for Czech customers is the fact that sudden changes in the agreed tariffs gradually decreasing. Operators in fact changed the terms of penalizing customers at a distance from the contracts. While years ago to ask if distance and high amounts of supplements, now comply with the notice penalties for early termination of up to 20% of the monthly payment. "For the operator to amend or terminate the customer's tariff usually very risky step. He can not because after leaving customers to recover any additional charges for early termination. In addition to the financial consequences operator then lose the trust of the customer, and it is for him ultimately a much bigger problem, "says Pavel Negro.

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