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How to properly remove a tick in five steps

We know all about it. The moment you find on your skin uninvited companion, namely tick, we begin to think hard how to best get rid of him. And just at that moment arises repeatedly asked question: Once or counterclockwise?

Think in advance

We think, however, had much earlier than the tick discover. If you plan to stay in the countryside, it is advisable to use some of the following preventive measures so as to minimize the possibility of ticks:
If possible, wear a dress with long sleeves and legs, according to experts, is the perfect smooth wear bright colors.
Trouser legs plug it into a higher bot.
The clothes (mainly trousers and shoes) apply repellent.
Do not forget to also protect their pets, and with the assistance of the competent veterinary products (sprays, collars, drops in ampoules, etc.).

Speed ​​mainly

The most important measure that makes it reduces the possibility of infection by tick-borne encephalitis and borreliosis to a minimum and that therefore we should never forget is thorough scan of the entire body, including the hairy part every time we get from nature. If the tick is removed the same day, when the foyer, according to experts the risk of infection is reduced.

How to do it step by step

And what is the correct procedure for pulling the tick?
Tick ​​remove as soon as possible, so it is advisable to equip walks tweezers and antiseptic.
Ranku before handling the tick disinfect.
Grasping the tick with tweezers (never hands!) As close to the skin and gently wobble from side to side, while we make sure that we not keep his header.
After pulling the tick disinfect the place again.
Tick ​​never nerozmačkáváme fingers, because its contents can be infectious.

If you managed to successfully remove the tick rather spend the following days in standby mode. To support the defense plenty of rest, sleep, eat healthily and avoid physical and mental exertion. If you experience the following days you experience symptoms similar to flu , or see the red stain your skin, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Let us even now vaccinate: an accelerated vaccination schedule can make it very fast!
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