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Travel insurance hides many traps, read the contract carefully, experts advise

Travel insurance hides many traps, read the contract carefully, experts advise Without travel insurance, do not travel abroad, perhaps no one. Most clients, however, satisfied with just medical expenses insurance, without extra verify the amount of the benefit. They face because they get into situations where they lose hundreds of thousands.

For example, when they cause harm to someone else or will need medical assistance beyond filling - like a heart attack. A specialist financial advisory company DataLife Martina Kafková highlights the most common pitfalls of travel insurance that clients negotiated during summer holidays.

Beach attraction? Risk sport

Are you going mainly to relax, no risk there is no sport for us, says many client and chooses the basic insurance coverage for medical expenses. "It is important to inquire what the insurance undertaking among high-risk sports. Some here counted diving with an instructor or even water skiing and other beach adrenalin attraction, "said Martina Kafková. In this case, they are covered by insurance as well as high-risk sports such as rafting on the challenging terrain cycling, horseback riding, canoeing and similar sports, which you might want to diversify holiday.

For a fracture and a half million, for a million heart attack

For medical expense insurance plays a key role in the fulfillment of the above. If there is not sufficient avoided the charge for medical services. "For medical expense insurance, we recommend minimum levels of performance CZK 1,250,000 for liability for damage to the health of millions of crowns and responsibility for the property half that amount," he advises clients Czech Insurance Association. Even though someone may seem unnecessarily excessive amounts, it is not so. "For the most common treatment of a holiday accident, a fractured limb pay in European countries around a hundred thousand crowns in America even five times more," said Martin Kafková. Much higher by the amount of, for example, help a heart attack, some places are getting up to million.

The stolen suitcase insurance does not pay

Medical expenses insurance and liability insurance. Without these two requirements one should not issue on a foreign holiday or business trip. According sort of way, however, pay to insure, for example, the loss or theft of luggage, tickets or documents. "If you want the insurance company to report the theft, keep in mind that succeed only when prove that the thief had to overcome an obstacle. If you lose your bag, you leave even for a moment, lying on a bench, with damages succeed, "said Specialist DataLife Martina Kafková.

Beware of exceptions

In addition to the exceptions specified in sports insurance and other situations where you do not have to pay the claim. For example, if you are in the time of the insured event was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if you caused it intentionally. "With some insurance companies you can meet with a rule that will reimburse only treatment and treatment in public hospitals, not private. It is important to keep an eye on, "she Specialist Martina Kafková of DataLife. It also drew attention to supply cheap insurance to European countries. According to her client may not notice that it only concerns the Member State of the European Union.

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