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Replace the sea for lake

Replace the sea for lake Quick and easy way, no traffic jams, cool breeze instead of unbearable heat, mountain peaks casting shade and no salt drying on a hot body. Yes, even this may be your vacation if you choose to spend it, for example, farm associations Roter Hahn in South Tyrol.

These farmhouses, often lying below the peaks of the Dolomites, between the large vineyards, are smaller than the popular tourist resort sprawling elsewhere in Italy between Venice and Rimini, but always a real family accommodation in a peaceful environment. If you think that the right summer vacation includes walks on the beach and warm sand, or it may be no problem. Many lakes are found in this area, it also has the pleasure of making her a favorite pastime come.

Lakes in South Tyrol enjoys relatively high popularity. In addition, two of them last year was awarded the top five cleanest lakes in Italy. Montigglersee is actually a cascade of two lakes are well equipped beach with many water slides and jumps. And for those who does not say much natural pools are built close to normal with paddling pools for children. Conversely Völser Weiher lake belongs to the smaller size, but it is mysteriously hidden in the deep coniferous forests, which provide plenty of privacy. Perhaps that is why it is so popular with the locals. And if you in the area had nowhere to lay your head, try visiting the historic farm must Zimmerlehen Major. Family Kompatscher live in this place for over 100 years and their farm also has one unique. This is a private chapel for 30 people, where it is possible for those wishing to organize a wedding ceremony. Wedding in the chapel had been in 1594 and Prince Ferdinand von Kuehebach.

However, if you prefer warmer water and you will feel truly at sea, then you definitely must not miss Lake Kaltern. The water temperature is from May to September pleasant 28 ° C and fascinating addition to swimming with a backdrop of vineyards and orchards and offers a diverse range of leisure activities. In addition to traditional paddle and rowing boats you can try and wind-surfing and sailing. Around the lake meanders through numerous cycling trails, which can be indefinitely passing through the more or less challenging routes. After one such can arrive to the nearby organic farm ST. Quirinus. The addition of wine offers a variety of home products such as cider, honey, herb pillows or fruit jams. A can accommodate four rooms inlaid wood with a private terrace offering superb views.

Even for those who prefer to swim in a larger dose Homes Association has Roter Hahn solutions. More than 90 farms scattered throughout South Tyrol has a private swimming pool in the garden, of which the vast majority does not use chemicals for maintenance. There are, however i farm for demanding clients that do not have just any pool, but on their own property all private bathing pond. One such example is a farm with a nice name Stuck. While relaxing in her pond can watch endless rows of vines stretching to the nearby ruins of the castle hill and the sun setting behind the peaks of the Dolomites. The evening will bring the landlady deckchair drink their own wines along with fruit in an orchard just torn and you suddenly realize that you do not want this vacation ever ended.

In South Tyrol is 300 sunny days a year and this area is considered to be one of the places with the most stable weather climates in Europe. If you decide to replace the traditional crowded beach holiday here, you will not regret it. Only accommodation itself can be a unique experience. Fruit farms, vegetable farms, ranches business in pekařině, a farm with horses, sheep or rabbits, there was no other guests than you, just imagine what could your stay on this farm to be ..

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