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Prague Zoo has bred two rare desert reptiles

Prague Zoo has bred two rare desert reptiles Chicks lizard Mesopotamian and agamky sand, that are currently boasting the largest reptile curator Petra Velenského and his team. In the case of lizard regards the world prvoodchov in zoos, if agamky hope to maintain a unique breed in Prague.

The big squat lizard with a round head. Thermophilic reptile which bask even in an environment where the temperature exceeds 50 ° C. A warrior with a tail covered with spiky scales. This is the Mesopotamian Spiny-tailed lizards, which bred Prague Zoo was the first garden in the world!

"12 chicks we hatched three weeks ago. This is a major event, because we are the only one of herbivorous lizard from inaccessible areas of Iraq and Iran, behaves, "says
Petr Velenský, curator of the Zoo Praha. Juveniles are placed in the rear, weighs 11 grams and measures less than 10 inches. Their parents - male and female Adnan Sarah - are on display in a terrarium Kattakum Pavilion felines.

The successful rearing of offspring lizard crowned the fact that female Sarah came down in mid-May next clutch. "Double multiplication in one year, it is at the lizard something completely unprecedented. Unique, which is not described nor in literature, "says Petr Velenský enthusiastically.

Crawling achievements Zoo Praha However, this is far from over. The exhibit is multiplied Kattakum rare agamky sand that inhabit the dunes of Central Asian deserts. "Agamky have high expectations - require precise imitation of their natural environment. In addition to live only three years, and can reproduce two years, "explains Petr Velenský." After last year's floods, when we had to move out of agamky Kattakumu, we are afraid of our breed. Omission of one reproductive season could be with such a short-lived animals fatal. "

Breeders, however agamkám create special facilities dune sand and carefully guarded their feeding schedule so as to maintain their activity. "Hardest thing was to excite the sexual activity of the male. Subsequently, the female has laid eggs from which they hatched three chicks, "says Velenský." Then we were surprised but two other female laying. Only thanks to him, the sand in Prague agamky good prospects in the coming years, "he says.

Rare desert chicks are currently in the background, visitors to them may meet in the regular guided feeding, which take place on Wednesday (14.30) and Saturday (13.30) in the pavilion of big turtles.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
To tz Photo: Petr Velenský

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