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4 tips on how to store food during trips

In the summer time is coming trips, picnics and especially holidays. High temperatures but becomes very hot also the question of proper storage and preservation of food.

In the hot summer is more than ever depends on correct packaging for storage and transport. In cooperation with experts, we have prepared some tips on how to properly pack and store food to keep you on the move withstand long fresh.

Quality packaging can spell ready

The basic rule for all food during the summer is well packed, in this material, which ensures the best storage conditions. "Bread and fruit can be transported in the traditional paper packaging, but on long trips I would suggest instead a closed plastic container. They are of course also ideal for cheese and other dairy products, and meat spreads, "says Bohdan Danek, production manager Blatinie, engaged in the manufacture of plastic packaging and technologies for various industries." Plast as the packing material is very hygienic and help preserve food for a long time in the fresh state. It is impermeable to water and water vapor, thus ensuring the retention in the dry state. In addition, there is no need to worry about the impact on the environment. If the plastic is disposed of correctly inserting the appropriate container, its use is actually very organic, "says Danek.

In a cool, dry place or the right climate is key

For a full range of food you can find advice on the label that the product should be stored in a cool, dry place. This is not an end in itself recommendations. Before you go on a summer trip or a picnic, put all food except bread and soft fruit for a few hours in the fridge. While meats and cheeses you to store commonly used in this way, this time i chill vegetables and sweets. The second part of the recommendation, which involves storing food in a dry, is not difficult to meet. Moisture can protect food plastic jar and for transporting refrigerated goods, it is possible to use an insulating bag that you can buy for a few bucks at most supermarkets.

Ready meals in plastic trays as the perfect complement to a holiday

If you want to leave to save time and money for food, pack a couple of meals with them. In the production of chilled ready meals to follow a strict manufacturing process. Precooked is stored in plastic trays, then shock-cooled and then stored at 1-4 ° C. With this procedure remains fresh food for several days. To transport these foods are best suited polypropylene trays placed in a portable cool box. Although it does not replace the fridge, but it will help keep food fresh much longer than normal transport bag. On the market you can find more expensive coolers with active cooling, which are connected to a common electrical outlet or into a power outlet in your car. Good service but also performs classical cooling box with so-called cold storage, which is necessary before usage well in the freezer to chill. Quality cooler box keep food hot summer and cold in a few hours.

The threat that we do not realize: auto

Longer trips in the hot summer you had with regard to the storage of food very well considered. If leave is poorly packaged food in a car parked in the sun, you can say goodbye to them already for a relatively short period of time. With this problem usually encounter when traveling to the Mediterranean and to purchase fresh food markets. "The fish, cheeses and vegetables bought at the market you need to immediately process or in the car stored in a cool box," says Bohdan Danek. "The mere hour stay in the car in hot climates because these foods means for transformation in a totally inedible food, the potential consumption can have very serious health consequences," says Danek.

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