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Accessories that you can sweeten holidays

PowerBank, universal charging kit or even a small a transmitter for your radio, it's the little things that will leave a hole in the budget, definitely not, but can you deserved time off to make more comfortable, ..

PowerBank, or if backup power for mobile devices
Nowadays we use smart phones not only to make phone calls, but also a number of other functions, such as photography, video shoot, or to access the internet, or social networks. With prolonged use, or on trips where we do not always have the drawer, we therefore sometimes happens that the cell phone will "juice". The solution for us small UPS units, POWERBANK.

"The average smart phone battery has a capacity of 1.000 to 2.000 mAh. PowerBank are available in capacities from 400 mAh for mini sources into the bag, which prolong talking about 1-2 hours, up to 9,000 mAh, able to charge the phone more than once, or be available for multiple devices, "explains Jana Choroušová of Datart. "Telephone join them either via USB input, or through custom plug straight into your phone (Micro USB, etc.)."

Example: POWERBANK with a capacity of about 2 to charge your phone (depending on model) and the lamp for the acquisition of less than seven hundred.
Type of holiday: anywhere

Universal charger set
Do you have a family of several devices with different connectors and want to save space in your luggage? The solution is universal charging kit.
Universal cable connector kit is available already for 139, - CZK.
Type of holiday: anywhere

FM trasmitter

Enrich your car radio on a lot of other functions using small transmitters.
"From your car stereo can thus become a hands-free kit, it can play music from your phone, tablet, MP3 player, or directly from a memory card or flash drive. The device plugging into car power outlet and communicates through FM car radio waves, "says Jana Choroušová.

Example: FM transmitter with RDS (radio shows playing track) can be found in the market price below 800 crowns ..
Type of holiday: Auto trips, longer trips eg to the sea by car

Author: Sarka Pelcová

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