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Processing the complaint without waiting? Only Payable

Flash or immediate replacement, which today offers some retailers of electronics and appliances as a paid service, is prescribed by law. Sellers and leave pay for the performance of their duties, thus come into conflict with the law.

Breaks down if the goods are under warranty, no consumer excited about the prospect to the monthly settlement of the claim. Who would not want an immediate settlement of the claim in exchange for a new perfect piece. It's possible, but there's a catch. "Sellers electronics and appliances lightning exchange offer in its web and high street stores as an extra service, leaving behind her to pay considerable sums. S obligation to deal with complaints promptly and without charge them directly imposed by the law, "said Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

Many sellers considers the thirty-day deadline to settle the claim for granted, but it is a deadline that is in place especially when it is necessary to make a correction. If you can not remove the defect without undue delay, the customer may request replacement of the entire case, or a defective part. When the right to exchange solutions claim there is no reason to postpone a decision on it would be great right now.

If the retailer is able to assess the defect of the product immediately and immediately replace it with a new one, he should always proceed regardless of whether the consumer for the rapid exchange paid an extra or not. "When the dealer shall follow the law, then there is no difference between vyřizovanými complaints in terms of response time and claims made, and in this case there's nothing to pay extra. If the consumer is at a disadvantage in dealing with complaints that the service has no immediate replacement waiting a few weeks to repair, although requested an exchange, dealer undoubtedly violates the law, "said Luke Green.

A survey of four major electronics retailers and consumers, as in stone or Internet stores, showed the same concept of service immediately. The association is a legal guarantee is glaring. The service is provided for a statutory 24-month warranty and deal with the complaint of the workers dealer. The basic condition for immediate replacement of the defect matters, not proven defect. The service does not cover mechanical damage, normal wear and tear or improper handling things, etc., as well as a guarantee. So, if the worker seller, to grant a new product must before the judge out of joint and therefore lack of compliance with this condition. That's the essence of deciding the complaint is upheld and the law, entrepreneurs have to make decisions and deal with complaints quickly and of course free of charge. company offers this service only for selected goods. Definitely do not count on it as in the case of refrigerators, mobile phones and laptops, therefore, where we fast approach welcomed. Lowest Price immediate replacement is 99 CZK. Maybe branded hair for 1849 CZK behind her charged 224 CZK, which is approximately 12% of the purchased goods. In contrast, a company Datart calls for the same product 15% of the price. Datart the price of the service graded according to the amount of the purchase price, up to 599 CZK for goods to CZK 5,000. It only provides consumers and is committed to replacing the same day when a customer submits defective goods.

Electro World is no such thing as a service and has no immediate replacement or offer. OKAY so-called flash exchange declares in its tender leaflets, but the conditions of the service is not written in them.

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