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Marta Kubišová document Olga Sommer: Magic voice rebelky

Marta Kubišová document Olga Sommer: Magic voice rebelky Devil would apparently chosen a better moment to destroy Mart Kubišová than the Bolsheviks chose .. Film Olga Sommer on Martha Kubišová sees the first audience at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, where he was selected for the program. In the Czech film enters theaters on July 17.

The filmmakers magical voice rebels are cinematic trailer. A Supraphon just on the occasion of feature-length documentary gives the soundtrack of the same name, which includes the flagship Marty Kubišová hits from the sixties to the present day. Film openly shows the life of a singer, a signatory of Charter 77 spokesman
Trailer can be seen HERE .

"The devil would not choose a better moment to destroy it than they chose the Bolsheviks,"
he says in the trailer for the film music journalist Jiří Černý, the voice of Marty Kubišová marked as a gift from God. Triple Gold Slavice of 1966, 1968 and 1969 and a sex symbol of the time Kubišová Marta was silenced for two decades by the communist regime. At that time, she worked as a spokesman for Charter 77, raised a daughter and worked as a supply officer in construction of housing estates. When the Velvet Revolution enabled Martha Kubišová again after many years of singing. On the balcony of Melantrich Wenceslas Square sang November 21 Prayer for Marta and anthem. By the side then had his friend Vaclav Havel. At the time of normalization but the singer did not lose. "Certainly I remained friends for life. Where would I be as a singer met so many wonderful people. I also thanks to Charter 77 was given to the important and interesting literature, "says Marta Kubišová that in the film he also remembered for the dramatic when experienced clinical death and was continuously monitored by the secret police.

Movie in a nutshell

Singer, a signatory of Charter 77 spokesman Marta Kubišová stayed with honor twenty years of resistance against the communist regime. When she was twenty-seven years old, was in her career steep takeoff shot down by Russian tanks invading, occupying Czechoslovakia. This was probably the singer's song Prayer for Marta, who became a protest song occupied country. Marta, Triple Gold Slavice of 1966, 1968 and 1969 and a sex symbol of the time, she worked bonding bags. Stress induced a dramatic change of life and standards hopelessness resulted in the singer's personal tragedy. His fate singer bore without complaint, even became the subject of interrogation and harassment by State Security. In 1989, Marta experienced during the Velvet Revolution comeback that she would be the envy of many a star in the world. Listened to her prayers filled Wenceslas Square, became a symbol of resistance against the communist totalitarian regime.
The film charts the singer's first and second singing career, reveals many of the dramatic personal life and also charts the history of Czechoslovakia in the late 20th century.

The director and teacher Olga Sommerová first shot with Martha Kubišová five years ago, a sequence in the documentary trilogy about the spokesmen of Charter 77 Later, when the singer spoke about the rotation feature-length documentary about her life, Marta Kubišová, which for glory nepotrpěla never refused. Finally persuaded the singer to shoot Ungelt Theatre director Milan Hein, in the theater Marta Kubišová operates, and in April 2013 began to spin. Film magical voice rebels reveals the life of the famous singer and also charts the history of Czechoslovakia in the late 20th century.

Supraphon issued June 27 soundtrack magical voice rebels
(Songs from the documentary Olga Sommer), which contains 23 songs. It is essentially a summary of the most crucial songs Marty Kubišová new duet with Aneta Langerová Life is not a dog for the movie rebelky magical voice and the song I want to be free from desire, on behalf of musical Einodis.

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