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ADRA build and repair 170 houses in the Philippines

Even eight months after the typhoon hit the Philippines Hayian, the situation there is not good. Fare the worst of Western Visayas, where the affected families are still living in makeshift tents. In the summer also comes the rain season, which further worsens the living conditions of families.

ADRA Czech Republic in their new project will focus on helping the most vulnerable groups, ie families with children, women, the elderly and disabled. In the province of Aklan, Panay for them to build 80 new houses, 90 other services.

ADRA helps families whose houses are partially or completely destroyed. "Immediately after the disaster, people are handing out material for temporary emergency shelters, but few, managed to reconstruct or build permanent housing, and so on shelters, which had greatly deteriorated, thousands of people continue to live, "describes a situation in foreign projects Adry Jana Škubalová.

Poor housing threatens the health of children

For example, 36-year-old Marissa, she lives with her husband and five children, half of the shack, which has walls foil and place on the ground is nothing more than clay. All children suffer from tuberculosis. Her husband works as a laborer for $ 5 a day, so you better housing or can not afford.

Also, Marissa's family would be a new house from Adry wait. "While this is a modest solution because the floor area exceeding 18 square meters, the house will be more robust and offers better protection from rain and sun. The structure is form stronger materials such as wood, concrete and metal, "says Jana Škubalová.

Life houses is five to six years, which should give the families enough space for it to be economically recovered from the worst.

Until construction is involved mainly local people who ADRA ensure building materials and tools. I will take those locally.

The first will be included in the project households whose head is a woman, as well as families with pregnant women and children under the age of 14, the elderly and people with disabilities. "Aim is to ensure that especially the most vulnerable people to live in decent conditions. New homes will no longer be built in the immediate vicinity of the coast, were again exposed to the danger of an avalanche, "he adds.

ADRA will coordinate the Philippines not only works, but also together with local governments create community plans to prevent similar disasters or mitigate their consequences.

ADRA has long supported the island

The province of Aklan is located on the island of the Lord, which is part of the Western Visajských islands. It is here that the typhoon has done the most damage. Only four percent of the population have their homes repaired and can live in them as before. Others continue to live temporarily. The project for the reconstruction of housing, which starts here ADRA Czech Republic in cooperation with ADRA Philippines, ADRA UK and ADRA Norway, is part of a broader strategy in the region and will complement the ongoing activities Adry on the island of Panay giant fruit bat.

Czech part of the project is implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and public collections Adry.
Typhoon Haiyan walked across the Philippines on the 8th 11th 2013. Affected 14.1 million people in 9 regions. 4.1 million people had to leave their homes, 1.1 million homes were destroyed and 6,190 people lost their lives.

I can still help you:
- Financial contribution to the account of a public collection organization ADRA 41594159/0300, variable symbol 395
- Sending SMS donor DMS ADRA to 87777 (price of one DMS is 30 CZK, ADRA receives 28.50 CZK)

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