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The eczema ointment kalísie to bite ointment alder

After a day spent outdoors only in an undershirt our skin is reddened by the sun on your feet after walking all day in summer shoe forms stiff leather shorts and skirts because we have the legs after a walk in nature minor scratches and finally from a dinner with friends outdoors Bring home the bites.

In short, in the summer, our skin is exposed to various influences that are not profitable and it irritates her. None of us but need not spoil the mood. In this article, we bring you some tips on how to protect your skin in summer and treat.

The eczema not only to the sea

Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin diseases accompanied by itching. According to estimates suffer from this eczema in the Czech Republic about a tenth of the population. In the summer threatened due to hot weather, sweating and wet worsening of the disease. Improve the condition of your skin can stay at sea. But there is a need to prevent overheating and sweating to eliminate as much as possible. Due to the large amount of dust is not advisable to stay on the sandy beaches, on the contrary, we should rather choose those with pebbles. What would ekzematici should definitely avoid swimming in pools with chlorinated water. "People who suffer from eczema, I can recommend an ointment containing extract from kalísie called Psorikalis. This perennial plant that can grow at home in a pot, has an important herbal medicinal properties. Soothes irritated and itchy skin and accelerates the healing process, "says Jarmila Podhorná the company hopes that deals with the manufacture of products from plants, noting that eczema is a matter of the internal environment of the organism.

Beware of air conditioning

During the hot summer days fall on our skin sun's rays, and wind fans it bears on her dust. The interior is then exposed to the air conditioning, which represents an additional burden. Transitions from the street into the warm air conditioned spaces are for our skin a real endurance test. It's no wonder that this is stressed in the evening irritated skin, redness, and may be sensitive to touch. Guaranteed to bring us relief from marigold ointment. Thanks to the synergy of essential oils, saponins, flavonoids and many other substances have beneficial therapeutic and regenerative effects. Tired skin not only moisturizes and softens and reinforces. In addition to acting anti-inflammatory and slightly sedative. It is also possible to try burdock oil, which also has a soothing effect on the extremely sensitive and irritated skin site and in addition has a positive effect on eczema.

Herbal healing pedicure

In the summer, it is necessary to take care of the feet more than in other seasons. First, because the untreated leg does not open the boot too aesthetically, but also because of the health risks that come with wearing sandals and carries a so-called frogs. Feet that protect most of socks and closed shoes must handle the load, causing the already flat and hard soles or tie-straps. To have beautiful legs in the summer, it is good every night before thorough washing to get rid of hard skin, preferably using a pumice stone. The skin should finely grind even before the feet soak. This method simulates the natural renewal of skin on the soles of the feet. In any case, we should avoid the use razor blades or other sharp objects to remove the hard skin. After washing and drying your feet carefully with suitable ointment containing elderberry, which softens and heals cracked skin on heels and removes skin defects.

Drop natural repellent

Itchy bites from mosquitoes and other insects in the summer can really annoy. Although manufacturers of repellents promise hundred percent protection against bites, mostly unpleasant breakouts avoided. If for various reasons can not or do not want to use conventional repellents, you can try lavender oil. As prevention of mosquito bites is sometimes also recommended consumption of vitamin B. The aroma of human sweat is then cease to be an attraction for insects. But if you're just a female mosquito taste our blood and we will stay on the skin itchy pimple, you can treat Alder ointments. It very well help heal your wound and different kinds of damaged skin.

Kiwi antifungal

During the summer months because of the heat and humidity increases the risk of mold infection of the lower extremities. Fungal infections can infect especially at the swimming pool, where all visitors are usually forced before to pass a paddling pool in which to wash his feet. However, in the perspiration of feet in enclosed shoe, such as tourism, threatens to mash legs and shows signs of mold. This could not only on the skin that itch and then burn, but also on the nails that turn yellow and begin to release from the bed. To reduce the risk of infection, we should observe basic hygienic habits. "When at all possible, wear in public areas and the pool and showers own shoes. After washing thoroughly dry the area between your fingers and then let feet breathe while. It is very useful during the summer period using the ointment of kiwi, which eliminates mold and positively influences various undesirable bacterial processes in tissues. Moreover, it helps maintain healthy blood vessels, which is not only lower limb very important, "recommended Jarmila Podhorná of Hope and Company concludes:" We can also use grapefruit oil, but we must not forget that if the fungus on the skin, is also in the blood. That clears tincture of garlic and penízovky. "

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