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We choose a system for solar water heating

Solar water heating can be home in a family house save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. On the other hand, poorly designed or poor system can become traps for money. In cooperation with experts, we have prepared for you a few pointers on what to when this technology focus to give you the sun and helped saved the cost of hot water.

The correct choice of solar collector

Thermal solar water heating systems typically use a vacuum or atmospheric collectors. Not possible to say which one is better. "Compared to atmospheric collectors can vacuum collectors due to their lower heat losses to work effectively in colder weather conditions. In contrast, atmospheric collectors are due to its higher heat loss frost resistant cover glass or persistent snow cover, which could absorber in winter overshadowing, "describes the advantages of each type of solar collector Ivo Zabloudil, product manager ENBRA, which among other things deals with the sale and installation of heating equipment. Due to the favorable price, people generally choose atmospheric collectors. More expensive vacuum tube collectors, it is necessary to shop prudently. "When someone decides to efficient vacuum tube collectors, recommended to select only high-quality types that are resistant glazing and avoids the early reduction in efficiency due to loss of vacuum," said Zabloudil.

The key is good regulation

When buying a solar water heating are not only important parameters of the collector and storage, but also the quality control of the entire system. "Solar system should include a user-friendly controller with graphical display of all important parameters of the system. A user should also give an idea of the amount of solar energy by the system for a certain period, he added, "said Ivo lost." For pressure system should be able to restrict any control system overheating, for example, in situations where the user goes off on holiday. Last but not least, the then conventional reservoirs should be a standard security protection against Legionella bacteria, "he added Zabloudil.

The mixing valve prevents scalding

In particular, pressure systems for solar water heating in the summer often faced with excess heat. You can easily happen that the water temperature in the tank is too high and could scald residents of the house. Quality solar system therefore includes a mixing valve, which ensures that the water temperature reached too high. Mixer should be a standard part of the system. On the existence and characteristics Therefore, ask the supplier, and if it does not contain your unsuspecting system, consider yet another preferred.

Tell us about the quality of standards and certification

The solar collector must conform to EN 12975, which should be mentioned in the documentation. No other testing and certification Czech legislation does not prescribe. However, if the seller proves further evidence of the power and reliability tests, the better. You can recognize a quality collector quality certification according to the European Solar Keymark. The property shows that the device has a guaranteed efficiency and the long-term performance high. Also important is the warranty. Standard, in the case of solar collectors should be 5 years.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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