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Attention of the trip and close with one click

dTest and ESC: Some people think that when they sign a contract printed on the tour, so for them there is no binding order. Eye on it. When selecting holiday on foreign sites and a new Czech travel agencies, consumers may inadvertently come due to significant financial loss. All you need is virtually one click.

In many cases, it happens that people are required to pay high cancellation fee for canceling a booked tour especially for German travel agencies. Suffice it to on the web - for the tour, on which thinking - provide your name and e-mail, clicked on the box and the contract is concluded. "According to the German rules for the conclusion of the travel contract, as well as under the rules of the new Civil Code in the Czech Republic , namely, the contract can be concluded via the internet. If you confirm the order when the consumer agrees box type "firm order" can perform the contract and, therefore, the obligation to pay, legally enforced, "said Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

With these problems in their practice often meets European Consumer Centre (ECC). Generally, these are cases where consumers do not fully understand German, so I noticed that the box is provided with a formula "firm order". "These people are then ESC to turn for help with the fact that they charge cancellation fees seem excessive and do not want to pay. Cancellation fees may be completely in accordance with the laws of some countries up to 100% of the booked trip. Although sometimes manage to solve the case thanks to the good will tour organizer, but it is not the rule, "says Tomáš Večl, Director of the European Consumer Centre in the Czech Trade Inspection.

What mistakes people at the taking of leave such as commit? Order a "for sure" two tours with the fact that you then choose one and the other is canceled. This was the case of a consumer who was unpleasantly surprised that after the abolition of one of the visits came from a German travel agency invoice to about 27,000 crowns, which corresponded to 70% of the amount cancellation fee. Other customers have reportedly just wanted to test how it will look payment method. But before the Web came to payment, signed a contract on the tour, on which she had no interest in the outcome. In this case it was the almost 32 thousand.

Czech consumers often mistakenly argue that signed nothing and paid nothing and therefore everything is binding. They are accustomed to the writing of the trip, which is necessary to confirm the commitment of their signature. Such a procedure already but the new Civil Code is not necessary or in the country. "Remember also that of the trip concluded with foreign travel agencies will usually be governed by the law of the country in which a given office is located. For example, in the case of German firms it will therefore German law, "says Luke Green.

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