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Caesarean versus normal birth

British doctors have noticed that women in decision-making about choosing between spontaneous labor and caesarean follow some erroneous assumptions. One popular myth is the claim that "Emperor" may have a negative impact on future fertility of women. Thus was initiated extensive studies on the effect of the transaction on female fertility.

Refuting concerns

Recent British research is unique in its scope and effort of impartiality - the study were taken only mothers without associated complications, to avoid skewing the results.
Attended a whopping 224,024 women.

All gave birth for the first time and not during any pregnancy complications.
21.4% of the women eventually underwent cesarean section. For most of them, however, the operation was not planned, but during labor it was necessary to cut the performance or the woman herself so decided.
The result of the study was then that cesarean section has only a very small, almost negligible effect on future fertility of women.
This assessment runs counter to the conclusions of previous studies, which still pointed to some negative impact caesarean section.

Absolute security can not be guaranteed

Sami authors state that this study was done to reassure women who have caesarean section in the past had to undergo. However, this operation, albeit with little effect on fertility , unfortunately, has other negative impacts on women's health. Therefore, scientists have appealed to health workers to support expectant mothers in spontaneous births, if it is medically at all possible. Bringing a child into the world is a classic way, we may even women who have previously given birth by Caesarean section.

So do not be afraid of difficulties getting pregnant if you have to undergo the "Emperor". SMALL However, if the option is advisable to spontaneous labor, with regard to its benefits for you and the baby.

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