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Half Ten Commandments for trouble-free online shopping trip

Half Ten Commandments for trouble-free online shopping trip Whether it is summer going to relax by the sea or explore the sights and restaurants of European cities, the correct selection of tours on the Internet can not only save money, but also to avoid many disappointments. The following text provides basic advice on how to wisely choose vacation online.

1) Purchase the discount portal - save, but be wary
The bargain of the trip, you can use one of the discount sites. Often you will find very advantageous offers stays in attractive localities at low prices. However, if you choose one of the offers cheap trip use, be wary. Even if it does not act on the Czech internet so unserious discount portals as before, it pays to check the unsuspecting little trip. "Before purchasing residence recommend that you read all the information and can also be traced further details about the tour on site travel agency. Serious discount portal can be identified by the fact that you withhold nothing and his staff will always provide answers to any questions, "said Luke Przybylski, Commercial Director portal.

2) Compare the offers on multiple sites

If you find your dream trip to the site, do not buy it immediately, but try to find the same offer as well as some of the other niche sites. Maybe you can find more information about the tour or photos that you may find useful, with a little luck, but you will find the same tour for less. Quality travel agencies offer tours but its the same price as travel agencies and other intermediaries. "Some portals offer discounts tours that are actually or discounts. Therefore, it pays to look on the internet travel price under normal conditions and then purchase a voucher, "emphasizes the need for a careful search for information on tours Luke Przybylski.

3) Pay attention to the quality of the hotel. Thoroughly check everything and read reviews

Among the information about the tour you will discover certainly a lot of nice photos of the hotel. You may not have too much explanatory value. Try hence the hotel's name to search for and the search box will add the word "review" or "experience". The personal experience of visitors to the hotel you about your location, tells far more than professional photos online travel agency. Can German or English? Try to also check the hotel websites in foreign languages.

4) How far away is the beach? Try internet maps

Indeed it is only a hundred yards from the beach? A hotel is adjacent to the supermarket, rubble or factory? Fortunately, modern technology make it possible to visit the place of residence, without having to get up from the desk. Find a hotel by its address on Google maps. You'll see how far it is to the sea, whether hotel adjacent to a busy road or on the other hand is not in a dangerous neighborhood. The location on the map then you can look like an aerial shot and a bit of luck in Street View, therefore the photographs from the perspective of a moving car or a pedestrian. Thus, the appearance of the place of residence can find a range of information before traveling.

5) Last minute - a way to save, but not always

Last minute trips are no longer such a price hit, as before, yet between these menus you can find something for an attractive price. But if it really is a last minute trip, be prepared that it will have to pay quickly and leave for a few days. You will therefore have less time to prepare. To find your stay at the last minute to try to Section Web sites of travel agencies. Here are usually very wide range of cheaper tours.

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