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Yellow Sisters gives a live concert

Yellow Sisters gives a live concert Women's vocal quartet performs on stage together since 2005. A because they mean a great tune their voices, became the quartet concerts this unique experience with intense atmosphere, which they managed to capture. As a guest you invited composer, musician and singer Petra Wajsar. The recording will find live versions of the band's most famous songs Yellow Sisters, but also older unreleased songs and new.

Ladies Album was recorded in December 2013 at Club Cinema Černošická. Summarizes their professional career. The first half of the concert is feminine, dreamy, atmospheric, one more dance, rhythmic with male support. "The whole concert was a magical atmosphere on stage, we had a crystal altar and the power we all enjoyed it," she says of filming Yellow Sisters, which also adorns the live recording of everything that could inspire his fans on previous albums. Well-known songs, of course, have different arrangements than the studio version, there is no accompanying instruments and loops. She joy of singing, strong melodies, polyphony, intertwining vocal lines and thoughtful arrangements.

which not only intertwine their voices, but the fate, thought the concert album a long time. "Impulse to shoot live album came three years ago. After one concert came to us our admirer and offered us financial assistance for its implementation. Should We are very happy. motherly duties while diverted our attention towards children and children's songs, and then came another double CD of remixes, but the time is ripe and the CD is in the world. "Fifteen songs is a cross-section of their work, which also owns improvisation. The album version of this singing occurs in two cases - Train a three-minute improvisation improvisation. An important figure in the history of the quartet is Petr Wajsar who occasionally performs with them since 2011 and so could be missing on this recording.

Yellow Sisters LIVE & Petr Wajsar
(Černošice Cinema Club) is a great nod to the current nine-year journey quartet and a great encouragement for the next album and concerts. Among the singers still sparkles and it is a promise for the future.

From tomorrow you can about the new CD Yellow Sisters compete with us.

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