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The new Octavia Scout: The real adventurer for family and leisure

The new ŠKODA Octavia was incorporated into a family of Scouts. Individualistic versatile car wishes to find its excellent drivability and off paved roads, modern all-wheel drive and rugged offroad look.

Compared with the previous model Octavia decreased consumption and emissions by up to 20%. This crossover while offering generous interior space, high performance, cutting-edge safety and comfort systems and a unique price-adjustment values.

"We have indications Scout 'everyone must earn it. Octavia Scout is not only rugged look with increased ground clearance, but also excels the perfect all-wheel drive with excellent traction and gradeability. Our innovation meets the highest demands on the technology, aesthetics and lifestyle, "says
ŠKODA CEO Prof.. Dr. hc Winfried Vahland.

The sales launch is scheduled for August 2014. Octavia Scout is since 2007 an integral part of ŠKODA's model range and its second generation has to continue the successful operation of the market. The new Octavia Scout is exclusively in the station wagon version.

Strong character

The new generation of the Octavia Scout radiates self-confidence, and uniqueness. "Octavia Scout has a distinctive look that perfectly blends technology with all-wheel drive gives the car a strong character," says chief designer Jozef Kaban ŠKODA brand.

The bow has a robust bumper in the specific design and black plastic parts. In the lower part finished extension in silver. Specifically for news in a number of Octavia were also designed sharply cut fog. The radiator grille bears the badge with the name of the model.

Black plastic covers protect the sills and wheel arches across the side of the car, clearly identify the model Octavia Scout when viewed in profile. Protective strips of black plastic on the door. The aluminum design is supplied as standard mirror caps, optional then also roof rails.

Clearance of the new Octavia Scout has increased compared to the standard version on a total of 31 millimeters to 171 millimeters. The standard Rough Road protects gear while traveling in demanding conditions. Octavia Scout putting on 17 "alloy wheels with 225/50 R17.

Croup is clearly and precisely arranged. On the sides of the bumper are integrated reflectors, the cat's eyes. Black cover protected the lower part of the bumper has a central silver offroad element.

The interior also has its own character. The inscription Scout as the threshold decorative strips on the front, three-spoke leather steering wheel and gear knob. Decorative moldings on the doors have a specific design Scout. The dashboard can be ordered in the classic combination of black / black or black / brown. The seats can be covered with either cloth (only brown shade), or a combination of leather and Alcantara (two alternatives: black, respectively. Brown).

Octavia Scout has a generous offer as well as the interior of the Octavia Combi. The interior of one of the largest in its class thanks to the exemplary values ​​of Interior (1782 mm), place your knees in front of the rear (73 mm) and headroom front and rear (983 mm, respectively. 995 mm). The luggage compartment holds 610 liters, with rear seats even 1,740 liters. When folded, the front passenger seat backrest can be in the car load objects with a length of 2.92 meters.

Added to this is still a number of "Simply Clever" details such as double-sided carpet in the cargo area, Cargo Element, ice scraper placed in the cap of the fuel tank holder, reflective vests under the seat, the bins in the door panels and a lot of storage space.

ŠKODA Octavia Scout is supplied as a complete color palette Octavia model range, which includes nine four metallic colors and pastel colors, including the new White Laser.

The modern all-wheel drive with Haldex clutch inter-5th Generation

Octavia Scout comes only with all-wheel drive. Exceptional handling and traction characteristics on the road or outside guarantees a modern all-wheel drive system with inter-5th generation Haldex clutch. The distribution of power between the wheels varies according to the current driving conditions. Compared to the 4th generation Haldex clutch, which was the Octavia Scout used yet, the new technique of 1.4 kg lighter.

The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout has always been an outstanding ability to tow heavy trailers. The car can pull a trailer weighing up to two tons, which is 25% more than before. Excellent is the ability to climb. With the enlargement of inertia angles to 16.7 ° and 13.8 ° Front handle Scout back without any problems and challenging terrain roughness. Stable behavior when starting and at low speeds, supports electronic differential lock (EDS).

Three engines and Prime Minister TDI/135 2.0 kW engine with DSG and 4 × 4 vehicles

For the new model Octavia Scout is supplied by three engines: two diesel and one petrol. The units are more powerful and also more economical than the previous model. At the same time up to 29 kg lighter. The standard is for them a modern all-wheel drive and ecological packet Green tec with Start-Stop and Brake Energy Regeneration. All three engines meet EU 6 emission standard, which comes into force in September 2014.

The climax of the engine is a diesel engine 2.0 TDI/135 kW (184 hp) in combination with an attractive six-speed dual-clutch DSG gearbox and drive 4 × fourth In such a combination of this engine in the Škoda car the first time. Combined fuel consumption is just 5.1 l/100 km, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 134 g / km.

Diesel engine 2.0 TDI/110 kW (150 hp) is supplied exclusively with a six-speed manual gearbox. Motor consumption is 5.1 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 129 g / km.

In the gasoline version, the Octavia Scout comes with the 1.8 TSI/132 kW (180 hp) and a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox DSG. Combined fuel consumption is 6.9 l/100 km, CO2 emissions reach 158 g / km.

Safety and comfort at a high level

Safety equipment of the new generation of the Octavia Scout sets new standards. In the event of an accident to protect the crew up to nine airbags and three-point seatbelts. On request, offer a wide range of driver assistance systems and safety features, including Front Assistant with emergency braking function, Lane Assistant (assistant to maintain the car in the lane), multikolizní brake with automatic braking in the event of an accident, Protect Crew Assistant (proactive protection of passengers the front seats) and Driver Activity Assistant (detection of driver fatigue).

Thanks to advanced chassis design with innovative axles convince new Octavia Scout excellent drivability in almost every situation. Behind the truck multilink suspension. MacPherson-type front axle with triangular lower arms intergenerational 2.8 kg lighter.

Furthermore, the menu option comfortable range of electronic assistance systems: Adaptive Cruise Assistant (adaptive cruise control), Intelligent Light Assistant (beam assistant), Automatic Parking Assistant (parking assistant) and Traveller Assistant with recognition of traffic signs. The new Octavia Scout may be, inter alia, an optional keyless entry system, starting and locking Kessy (Keyless-Entry-Start-and-Exit-System). It is now optionally available Optical Parking Assistant (parking camera) and a three-spoke leather multifunction steering wheel with logo Scout. Radio Swing garnered improvements in the form of a 5 "color touch screen.

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