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Eben Brothers is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first album "Little Songs in the Dark&

Eben Brothers is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first album "Little Songs in the Dark& 2014 is the band of brothers Ebenové exceptional period. It's been 30 years since the release of their first album "Little Songs in the Dark" (1984). At that time, she worked as a band of brotherly trio - Mark, Christopher and David and were on the Czech music scene in its approach unique.

The sons of renowned composer Petr Eben (1929 - 2007) received a classical music education, while absorbing influences of modern folk, jazz and rock music. With the ability to draw from all of these sources and the art of using various unusual musical instruments, was absolutely unconventional, the Czech scene inimitable "ebenovský sound". Additionally, in conjunction with exceptional lyrics were brothers Mark ebony for folk scene revelation.

The band on the frequency of issuing new albums in no hurry about it more but worth waiting. Another album was created to eleven years later, in collaboration with Charles Plíhal - "silent treatment" (1995). The album has already discovered the musicians of the band ETC ... as well as on the previous album and double bassist Jaromír Honzák. They collaborate with the band today. Thus, even on subsequent albums, "I'm working on it" (2002)

After the release of the album began Eben Brothers concert again filmed concert DVD "Eben Garden" (2004), recorded the music for the new series of bedtime Mach and Sally, for a fabulous CD "Tales of the Brothers Grimm" (with songs Eben Brothers), several audiobooks (Male Who Planted Trees, Advent Calendar), as well as music for Czech television series "Poste Restante". In 2008 it became the latest studio album "Bread".

Just a reminder of the 30th anniversary of the first album led the band to "brush up" several folk songs of that period, which constitute an important part of the new concert program.

2014 is also important for a band that after a few years began to spin new album which will be released in the fall of 2014. I track from the upcoming album will sound at concerts.

Concerts in 2014 are very tempting - the audience will have the opportunity to hear the songs that the band played for years, and after all that many calls. We also hear the full news.

In addition to the trio of brothers ebony - So Mark, Christopher and David form a rhythm band operating out of another band ETC Vladimir Mišíka - Jiri Vesely (bass guitar, accordion), Jiří Zelenka (drums, percussion) and Paul Rock (acoustic and electric guitars). The band is now inextricably complemented by an excellent jazz double bassist Jaromír Honzák.

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