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Czech Woodstock: Semafor legend rips through subalpine steppe

The Trutnoff arrives Jiri Suchy! As queen of the festival will host Eva Pilarová.

The legendary Trutnoff Open Air Festival (August 14 to 17), which this year will be dedicated to the victims at Sand Creek and ideals on November 17, arrives a special visit - the legendary singer and actor several generations Jiri Suchy! A not come alone. Bring the whole orchestra of the theater Semaphore and also as a guest within his band will perform the festival queen, Eva Pilarová that in the popular theater in the sixties, together with Waldemar Matuska and Charles worked Christmas Eve. With Jiri Suchy, founder of the theater Semaphore, the organizers plotting several years. One word, however, until now.

Semafor legend rips through subalpine steppe

"It's a small miracle. Mr. Jiri Suchy, after about eight years of negotiation had this year and finally convince the festival arrives. We met on different occasions, almost regularly even when chief's celebrations, one could say the ideal ground for agreement. We talked, but it never landed. Once it prevented the reconstruction of heating, sometimes America, and theater strike. When I called his decision this year, commented on it saying that if we had after all these years, finally did not make it would be a shame. At that moment I drove calmed Vysočina undulating countryside, and it sounded as Symphony of a Thousand Clarinets, "recalled before wigwams, referring to the Czech musical of 1964, which contributed to Jiri Suchy, Geronimo, which festival founded thirty years ago.

The guest Jiri Suchy will be queen Eva Pilarová

Extraordinary not only the actual performance of Jiri Suchy, but also that accepted the invitation as a guest Eva Pilarová that was in the theater Semaphore in the sixties, together with Waldemar Matuska and Charles Christmas Eve, one of the stars.
Jiri Suchy will sing with their songs, but also shared duets. It will be a great rarity. In addition, Jiri Suchy with our queen for the festival specially re-rehearse duets, which together once sang, and animates them. It will be an extraordinary performance. You will hear a familiar song from the glorious era of theater Semaphore and evergreens, which has become popular and have marked many a generation.

For boards that mean the world to the Open Air stage

It will be interesting and nice to pass all of the boards that mean the world and the theater space, to which George Hook is used on a large stage in the open air. The more performances will be rare. Jiri Suchy so far on any music festival of this kind has not come. What will actually happen during performances so rare and special guest, in addition to Eva Pilarová, nobody knows. It's hidden in secret under a blanket of Native American elders.

Unusual and extraordinary concerts of the festival's unofficial třicetinám ...

Resignation Jiri Suchy with guest Eva Pilarová Rounding out this year and we make a series of several unusual and special concerts to the thirty years of the festival, which include Petr burned with Apollobeatem, Ondřej Havelka and the Melody Makers Jaroslav Uhlir with the band.

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