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Herbal travel first aid kit: What to pack for a summer holiday?

Whether you spend your summer holiday by the sea or exploring the beauty of our country, it is good to take along with you on trips remedies that can help with the prevention or solution of various problems, which would allow us to spoil a beautiful holiday. In this article we give you some tips on how to equip a travel first aid kit herbs that help to various health problems.

To angry stomach

When foreign holidays, we often encounter a variety of exotic dishes to the taste of our digestion may not be used. In some resorts is risky and drinking local water or drinks with ice. Problems with the digestive system may surprise us but also for domestic holidays, especially in large buckets, when there is rapid destruction of food. "For acute problems with digestion is good to use a mixture of herbs with yellow gentian and calamus. These herbs actually help to promote digestion and harmonize the stomach and intestinal tract, "says best-known herbalist Czech Jarmila Podhorná." Not just for kids is then suitable med with extracts of rosemary and blueberries. One teaspoon a day will help regenerate the digestive system, "adds Podhorná.

For skin like new

Sunburns and dry skin from the sun are often the reason why we use a little summer vacation. Of course it is best to avoid such problems. If, however, underestimate the prevention of, for example, can reach the beige milk with so-called molecule of life. It is a substance derived from plants, which motivates the body to clean up the pollutants. Such milk can regenerate skin and moisturize enough.

Do not scratch! We can stop the itching

Summer vacation we can spoil even annoying insects. If we are attacked, leaving behind annoying itchy bites, we should not under any circumstances scratch. Especially in children but it is a problem. However, if the bites rub with oil of burdock stop us itch. We do not have to worry about that in the summer we take an ugly monument in the form of pigmented spots that may remain after rozškrábaném bites. Burdock oil also helps to hair that suffer in the summer sun and swimming in the sea or chlorinated water. Just apply it as a poultice to return to their lost hair shine.

Teeth, runny nose, yeast and bacteria. Bay with them one bottle

In our travel herbal medicine cabinet should in no way miss grapefruit oil. This fact may help overcome many uncomfortable situations. "When you leave the assaults such as toothache, I suggest you Grapefruit oil regularly to combat gums. Grep extra destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi, which is most appreciated if you leave the ambushes sudden cold. In this case, rub the oil nasal mucosa, "recommended Jarmila Podhorná of Hope Society, dedicated to the production of herbal medicines." Women in particular will appreciate the ability of grapefruit oil to deal with yeast infections that they may be lurking in the swimming pool or natural swimming pools. Grapefruit oil, however, will come in handy as a fighter against fungal infections of the feet, which you can swoop example, at the pool, "adds Podhorná. The holidays often come into contact with the infection, either from food or from the environment. Eliminate streptococci and staphylococci and prevent the development of infection can help tincture of grapefruit seeds of nasturtium or garlic.

Source: tz Hope

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