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Burns in 3000, intestinal problems to 40 thousand

Holidays abroad for many Czechs the most enjoyable period of years. Although many people do not want health complications or injuries resulting from abroad prefer not to think a few minutes dedicated to travel insurance can, in case of unexpected events greatly ease the life ..

If you have this unpleasant situation occurs, it is good to be prepared and not rely only on the European Health Insurance Card. After submission of this certificate while doctors treated patients in abroad and provide necessary assistance in this care, however, may require the payment of all medical expenses.

The price of medical treatments and medications may be abroad and at trivial health complications is very high. "When stepping on a sea urchin treatment can cost over 4,000 crowns, treatment of heatstroke, or burns then the patient comes to about 3000," says Roman Sznapka, Product Manager Triglav Insurance Company. The most common disease that Czech tourists on holidays tormented, also include indigestion and intestinal infections. They have a relatively fast process, and often without medical examination and submission of prescription drugs can not handle on their own. "Medical costs bowel disease, for example, in Egypt range from 2,000 crowns above. In Turkey, doctors can charge the patient a tourist over 5,000 crowns. It is also very expensive care in private clinics. For example, on the island of Rhodes and Crete indigestion tourists can cost up to 40,000 crowns, "warns Sznapka.

The price of insurance should reflect the insurance limits and additional services

Travel insurance can be arranged while today very quickly. Prices range from tens of crowns per day of stay. Given the cost of treatment abroad should be part of the insurance is travel for every responsible tourists. According to experts, people should choose insurance according to several criteria. These include the ratio of the prices and services offered and the amount of insurance limits. "Very cheap insurance may have low levels of transaction, ie the amount that the insurance company in case of an accident the insured paid. When arranging insurance also recommend that you check whether the package includes services such as baggage insurance, liability insurance and trip cancellation insurance, "says Sznapka.

Consider the length and type of roads and secure the peace

Most travel insurance now includes a range of additional services and assistance. Their choice while you make adjustments mainly the duration and type of your trip. Lovers of low-cost flights traveling to world capitals with only a backpack and a couple of pounds, mostly services such as trip cancellation or compensation for loss of office, do not seek. However, if you are going on a trip for a long time and carry the suitcases such as the camera or notebook, you should definitely for these services when choosing travel insurance remember. Assistance services such as mediation with authorities abroad or interpretation, then they can appreciate in unexpected situations such as tourists, who can not foreign languages.

Look out for discounts and preferential packages

Even good insurance and higher insurance limits and additional services can be obtained for a nice price. Standard list price it is possible to reduce, for example, by negotiating insurance online. It is preferred rates compared to negotiate on the stone branch. You can also save repeated trips or group insurance. On a family vacation is therefore advantageous to arrange insurance for a family package which is cheaper than if passengers insuring individually. If you are a regular traveler, you can also save by purchasing long-term insurance. For a price starting at a thousand crowns in fact you can insure the entire year, and no worries so repeatedly retracted abroad for stays continuous length up to 40 days.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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