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As the 5 most common problems that spoil holiday

July and August are the months according to the unwritten rule that we are meant to use the sun, the summer partying and traveling. Most of us have such rights to any of the July or August days planned their vacation and currently has solved rather, what to pack in a suitcase, or what equipment to buy.

In the following lines, we selected the four most common problems that complicate holiday, and also give you tips on how to solve or prevent them ideally straight.

Problem 1: Invalid documents just before leaving

Of your holiday often order the menus with the selection of so-called first minute tours that offer a timely ordering discounts. Before the holidays so we have enough time to buy important things that should in our case be left out, but we often forget to check documents. Přibalíte, although in his room, but I do not look at their validity. Such inattention then we can travel very complicated, because for us means exclusion from the trip.

Solution: Create the period of preparation for the holiday list of things and activities to which you must not forget. These include the right to inspect data of documents. In European countries, the document must be valid at least until the date of return from holiday. In a number of countries outside the EU, it is necessary to prove the validity of at least the next 12 months. If you're just concerned that some of identification documents is no longer the so-called expired, you have several options. In the framework traveling within the European Union can be exchanged for citizen passport and vice versa. You do not need both documents at the same time. The alternative is also called "rychlopas", which is published offices with extended powers in a shortened period of two to three days. The fee for making them but for an adult CZK 1500. Such a passport but has force only six months, not with him then depart for example, in Egypt and other countries.

Problem 2: Krach travel agency and a long period of restoration money

One of the common problems that thwarts leave a bust travel agencies with which we had planned to travel. As a result of that bankruptcy is not only cancel our entire vacation, but also begins a long period of waiting for our money that we have invested in the trip. It can be so easily happen that we get the money until after the holidays, and if so we do not have any other finance, with the holiday, you can say goodbye.

Choose a tour for such travel agencies that are properly insured against bankruptcy. In this area should help an amendment to the law on tourism that is being discussed. "Amendment should set a minimum limit of indemnity for travel agencies. This would eliminate the risk that the travel agency has agreed lack of insurance, and thus can not meet the demands of all victims, "said Michal Tuma, marketing director of travel agency Invia." Krach travel agencies, however, if proper insurance is a great inconvenience for customers. That's why all of our customers to provide each trip free service factor of 100 With this policy, clients will receive immediately after the collapse voucher to purchase a new residence and your vacation will travel as scheduled, "said Tuma with the fact that due to insurance factor of 100 tourists eliminating the challenging agenda associated with the recovery of finance for the canceled stay.

Problem 3: Disease and interference term holiday

Significant problems may also be associated with moments that force us to cancel our vacation abruptly. These include in particular diseases, but also, for example, job loss or pregnancy. In case of cancellation of the tour is also necessary to pay the travel agency compensation. If you withdraw because of illness or other sudden events, and within 15 days before departure, severance payments to us will be calculated on 100% of the total tour price. Within a period of 30-16 days, then compensation of 80%. This means that the travel agency we have to keep almost all the funds that we paid for the trip.

Solution: As mentioned cases do not give way to plan, we should bear in mind already when signing the travel contract. Ways to avoid cancellation of holiday, but also exhausted all the finances, the trip cancellation insurance, which guarantees us getting the money back without paying a cancellation fee. Is part of a package of travel insurance, where, according to the insurance period and the tour price calculates the sum insured. The moving average of between two and three percent of the total package price, but can of course be higher or lower. It is important, however, to think that such insurance must be taken out simultaneously with the purchase of the trip or the next Business Day after payment of an initial deposit or the full amount for the trip.

Problem 4: Loss of luggage during transport to the destination

The inconvenience may arise in the actual going on holiday. Very unpleasant moment may be, for example, found that our luggage did not arrive with us to the final destination. The loss occurs most frequently with the use of air transport. Suddenly, as we find ourselves on holiday without personal needs and clothing and can not imagine how our vacation thus survive.

Solution: Although it is not possible loss of baggage does not affect is good at it in advance at least prepare appropriately. Do odbavovaného trunk and put their documents, money and expensive electronics, such as cameras or mobile phones. It is also important to provide appropriate baggage identification tag with the name, telephone number and address. Befitting can also take along your travel itinerary inside the trunk, in case that the labels attached broke off. If you're just happens to be at the airport waiting in vain for their baggage that wandered off somewhere in transit, you must immediately fill out a special form, and submit a complaint to the airline. It pays compensation to passengers, although it still remains in various amounts and the maximum limit is € 1,220, or just over 33 000 CZK. However, this amount represents the maximum prescribed, you may not be strictly paid in full. Spare money is used to purchase basic needs. Interested parties can also be arranged before you leave insurance for loss of luggage.

Problem # 5: The loss or theft of documents abroad

The biggest nightmare of all travelers is a loss, or even theft of documents in a foreign country. Means is a long and demanding agenda in dealing with all the formalities and providing spare and then a brand new documents. Planned summer fun so pushed to the back burner and memories of holidays left a bitter aftertaste.

Solution: Important documents and more money ideally, leave in the hotel safe and do not take them with you to the beach. It is also good to take photocopies of all documents and you leave the hotel room. As a precaution, never have all the documents in a bag in one place with the money that they are not attractive to criminals. "In the event that you encounter abroad with the theft or loss of documents, contact the local police there with you up a statement of loss or theft relevant documents. The second step should be to contact the embassy of the Czech Republic, which will issue replacement documents, "explains Michal Tuma of travel agencies Invia." For these cases, it is good to check before traveling contacts to key offices in each destination. We also recommend that you carefully record the telephone number for assistance travel insurance. There will advise you how to proceed in case of problems. In addition, they are able to provide interpretation, "said Tuma.

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