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The email Cecil: What is healthy ..

The email Cecil: What is healthy .. The email editorial Cecil arrived in time something that was not so happy the soul, as his sweet tooth. And he says, that sort of thing sends away really happy ...

Good steak, but also quality goulash can save you from hair thinning. Beef contains iron and is just that lately the general population are lacking. So ladies, you still have a beautiful and thick hair? Serve dinner cow. I appreciate it guys.


You might be surprised to learn that the same caloric value with dumplings has the same amount of cooked pasta. Moreover dumplings are many healthy ingredients - e.g. yeast, which contains vitamin B, in turn milk calcium and protein. If you dumplings you only occasionally and in reasonable portions, definitely his health neuškodíte.


Kafaru have another reason neskoncovat his habit. A recent Finnish study, which was attended by 1,400 long-term coffee drinkers, found that people who drank three to five cups a day, at the age of forty to fifty years, reducing their chances of onset of Alzheimer's disease by up to 65% compared with those who drank less than two cups.
Scientists believe that behind the protective effects of coffee and caffeine is a large amount of antioxidants that coffee contains.


Of course, it is beneficial to the health of brawn. Especially the domestic honest. It contains gelatin, and it is a great source of protein for building collagen. That is the basic building block forming connective tissue, especially the musculoskeletal system, cartilage, bone, hair, nails and skin. The system is simple: what is the stock from pig joints, bones and skin are positive signs in our body. And you might think that the pig looks unhealthy? Collagen is sometimes called> elixir of youth <. On him we depend, among other things, as a young man looks like and how it moves. Collagen is also in the vitreous and the whites of the eye.


It is no news that regular consumption of wine reduces the risk of heart disease, enhances blood circulation and has anti-cancer diseases.
- Also works against stress! In addition, drinking this beverage reduces stress, which helps you to mental well-being.
- Wine excluding alcohol contains flavonoids, which are compounds that act as antioxidants and help the body break down negative cholesterol.
- The alcohol also increases the beneficial cholesterol levels and counteract platelet aggregation, so you against the arterial blockage.
- More than 400 scientific studies from around the world shows that people who drink wine in moderation in the long term, tend to be healthier than non-drinkers sworn.
- Evidence as the French, who have a very low mortality rate for heart and vascular disease. One of the reasons is considered everyday drinking wine with meals.
- It is said that red wine is the heart, but it's not true. I white is beneficial.
- But be careful, white wine has a certain advantage: it helps maintain healthy lungs. Sip he should be especially smokers, because slightly reduces the negative effects of smoking on the lungs.


Of course, it is also beneficial. But, of course, limited. Drink ten beers a day is stupid. Mota, may gain a more unhealthy it.
- Beer is 92% water, thus helping us profusely for drinking regime.
- It is a source of vitamins of group B. There are several reasons and have an effect on our skin.
Improves its elasticity. And doctors sometimes recommend beer as part of the treatment of eczema, acne and psoriasis.
- It is anti-stress. Did you know for example that hops belong to the family konopovitých plants? So as marijuana.
- Against a heart attack! Dilates blood vessels and lowers blood cholesterol. Scientists have shown that the smallest risk of heart attack are exposed to men who drink 1-2 beers a day.
- He fights off Alzheimer. It is rich in vitamin B2 and silicon.
- Beer destroys reefer. When degradation of alcohol in the body producing free radicals that are involved in the decomposition of fat. Work out, have a beer and combustion process can frčet. Beer after exercise is really good.
- Alcohol and other substances retard the release of calcium from bone. It's good for women who are faced with problems of menopause. An occasional glass of beer will help in the fight against osteoporosis.
- A is good against influenza. Which is the latest discovery of Japanese scientists. Hops contains, humulon, which is a substance that has anti-inflammatory effects and protects the body against viruses that attack the lungs and causes breathing problems.

So hello, Fifťáci.
I'm going to open a bottle of wine, then I see it on a pound of haggis and finally it flushes pivíčkem - I have to do something for your health!
Your Cecil

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