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Scare the birds could be for reasons of protection

Scare the birds could be for reasons of protection For example, at airports, or in certain technical equipment where there is a risk of death of wild birds, or threat to the life of people, especially when it comes airport operations, they use different ways to discourage wild birds. In any case, you can not use plasic to "solve neighborly disputes."

The State Veterinary Administration turned the opinion of some breeders of exotic birds that come together with the fact that their aviaries, especially with parrots, sometimes neighbors focused ultrasound plasic. This event is completely counterproductive behavior because birds have a chance to escape and react either apathy or, more typically, can be heard even louder. Anyway experiencing stress. So we can consider such actions as violations of the law on the protection of animals against cruelty.

The Civil Code that nobody should restrict their activities neighbors, ie, for example, odor, noise, etc. The singing of birds but can be difficult to judge as noise and that is probably the problem. Therefore it is advisable than the courts to deal with neighborly disagreements, instead of trying to deal with the fact that the breeder launch birds in outdoor aviaries in the later hours of the morning and in the evening is to be closed a little earlier.

Misuse of ultrasound plasic focused on foreign land can be understood as a violation of foreign rights, or as animal cruelty. It should be noted that the vital signs of animals, and it does not matter whether the parrots, poultry or dogs are natural and need to find an acceptable agreement neighbors.

Possible solutions to such problems can enter the body of state veterinary supervision or environmental standpoint, it can not commit nor tolerate for problems with neighbors "applied to animals."

Source: SVS tz
Tz Author: Josef Duben, printing. spokesman SVS

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